4 Ways Cell Phone Carriers Are Going Green

Environmental conservation has been a valuable topic of discussion for the past few decades. We are rapidly seeing the effects of climate change throughout the world, from an increase in life-threatening natural disasters to crippling droughts. It has become more important than ever to find ways we can help ensure that our planet stays green, lively, and prosperous for generations to come. This is true for even our mobile phone carriers. So let’s take a look at how they have been looking out for Mother Nature.

Green Energy Powering Big Companies


Image via Flickr by Jeff Kubina

Cell phone carriers have a lot of work to do across the country. These activities have been estimated to consume the equivalent energy of several million homes in America. This makes the actions of these companies critical as whistle-blowers for others to follow suit. T-Mobile, among other carriers, has plans in motion to operate entirely on renewable energy sources by 2021. Despite what critics of renewable energy sources may lead you to believe, T-Mobile is positioned to continue to provide great service and produce amazing phones like the Galaxy S9 Plus.

Keeping an Eye out for New Tech

Keeping up to date with innovations in technology is invaluable for companies that strive to remain competitive in today’s markets. These innovations can take many forms, from T-Mobile now providing the fastest network speeds to offering top-of-the-line accessories that help you regulate your carbon footprint. Many people are not actively seeking these technological advancements, though, so informing the masses becomes the duty of those with a voice. Cell phone carriers are always prepared to support potential breakthroughs like the sugar-powered battery or the micro wind turbine. They may be the very reason that you yourself discover a new, life-changing device.

Make a Difference Everywhere

A company’s field of influence can extend further than its industry. Companies that want to make a difference can choose to support unrelated ventures through volunteering, donations, or just helping spread the word. The Nature Conservancy received $500,000 to promote clean energy across the U.S., thanks to a donation by T-Mobile. Open-handed acts of this kind go a long way toward enabling organizations to help the environment. Also, these organizations have the knowledge and connections to make the most of that money. The fact that these carriers are helping out where they can displays their dedication to the issue.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

E-waste is a problem that cell phone carriers take very seriously. A study in 2010 found that people throw out 350,000 phones every single day. Furthermore, the amount of damage that waste causes to communities further stresses the need to prevent it. Mobile carriers understand this issue better than anyone else and are taking steps to limit the amount of electronic waste in America. One such step is to reward consumers who recycle their wireless devices. Another is leading community events encouraging local communities to do the same.

Although these actions may seem small in the face of the total environmental damage present in the world, any amount of help to a talented organization may mean the difference between life or death for an ecosystem. Any waste that gets recycled may prevent a dumping ground from poisoning a community. Any amount of energy that is not consumed from traditional sources may mean the difference between the Arctic maintaining its ice or the Earth finally crossing the point of no return in the area of climate change.

Most importantly, the kindness shown by these mobile carriers acts as a call to action for millions across the country to join in and help the cause — even those who weren’t part of their user base. Regardless of whether their actions solve inherent problems in the environment, somebody who they inspire may lead his or her own charge that creates an even greater impact. Supporting the things they believe in is an important first step toward saving our planet in a way that only cell phone carriers can.


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