5 Cases When Good Content Marketing Doubled Monthly Income of Online Businesses

A good marketing strategy can lead to a significant increase in business awareness, conversions, and sales. At the same time, a bad strategy might result only in the lost money for a company.

It takes a lot of planning and research to understand the market and target audience, as well as design a winning campaign.

Although every company is different and requires a unique approach, looking at successful cases might give ideas on what to focus on in your particular case.

Whether it is a change in a website look, follow-up campaigns, or increase in organic searches, your business can benefit. Here are some cases where content marketing has hugely increased the monthly income of online companies.




Amerisleep is a US-based mattress retailer that has physical stores but wanted to increase online sales and attract new clients. The website had a lot of visitors, but they were not buying products, and conversion rates were pretty low.

The company looked into the bounce rates and analyzed the content their website provides to customers to see what can be improved.

The team updated the content provided on the website to make it more appealing and straightforward. Namely, they’ve rewritten the page on the benefits of their products to customers.

They pointed out clear advantages and focused on immediate actions. The conversions increase was up to 13.9%, which brought millions of dollars of revenue per year.


Essaypro is a professional essay writing service that offers help with academic assignments to students all over the world. They stick to an approach of boosting organic growth and attracting new clients by offering high-quality content.

Their team works intensively on constant content on their website At the same time, they’ve started the campaign of guest posting on other resources and launched a great blog.

All of this has helped to raise awareness of the brand and boosted the number of visitors and customers. The main focus of this business is in the provision of relevant and useful information for potential customers.

They also have a clear message on their web page about benefits and the work process. This comprehensive content campaign doubled their income.

Gwynnie Bee

This clothing retailer used the influencers’ market to advance their content marketing strategy. It is not news for today’s companies that influencers can bring a new audience and clients to a brand.

The main benefit is the attraction of new leads and, of course, the fact that influencers create content for you.

The result of this campaign alone was in 5.85% increase in CTR. The company found influencers that had a similar target audience and ensured the freedom of creativity to each.

Kettlebell Kings

This is another US-based company that sells sports tools and apparel. They switched their strategy to Instagram content marketing. It resulted in hundreds of thousands of revenue and significant growth of the business.

They did a simple yet extremely effective thing – provided helpful content for users. They created instructional workout videos with the use of their products.

It resulted in users shooting and uploading their workout videos with Kettlebell tools, in turn. The company’s page re-posted several of them, which also increased engagement with the audience.

This campaign increased brand awareness and their Instagram following. The company also began to add CTA in their posts. Some of them were shoppable. Others provided more information on the swipe feature.


Away is a luggage retailing company that brought their content strategy to the next level. They gained $125 million in revenue, offering more than just luggage items to their clients.

The company decided not to focus specifically on the products but make everything about travel in general.

The idea was to make the brand much more than just a luggage company. And they started to work on relevant, unique, and helpful content for travelers.

The company created blog posts, a podcast, and even a printed magazine dwelling on everything concerning travel life. By doing so, they were able to attract new clients by offering them advice and information.



In Summary

Content creation can do incredible things to an online business. It helps to promote products and engage with the audience. It boosts organic growth and attracts new customers. It also brings up the brand awareness and leads to a loyal following.

By implementing a winning strategy, a business can double its revenue and gain a great reputation. The key is finding what target audience is interested in and providing them with unique and helpful information.

Some of the examples above prove that it doesn’t have to cost much to a business, for instance, in case of guest posting or social media campaigns.

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