5 Relaxing Places to Visit in the US

America might seem like a busy place – everyone always seems like they have somewhere to go and something to do. Does it ever slow down? Can anyone relax? Contrary to popular believe, there are a few places left in the US where you can take a vacation and, yes, finally relax. Whether you love the warm desert sun or the beach, there are a number of locations you can go to and finally take a load off. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a lot of money either – a lot of towns and cities are eager for your patronage. Here are five relaxing places to visit in the US.


  1. Sedona, Arizona. They say that Sedona, Arizona is one of the most beautiful places – possibly in the world. Is it relaxing? – Absolutely. This South Western location boasts nothing but sunny blue skies and deep, red desert rocks. It is no wonder that this location has been chosen as the backdrop for many artistic achievements. Whether you want to go hiking or lay by the pool as you luxuriate in the warm desert air, Sedona, Arizona has it all.

  2. Hawaii. Whether you go to the big island or the small islands, this amazing archipelago has nothing but relaxation and fun in the sun. Whether you are going for a romantic getaway or a honeymoon, Hawaii is one of the true wonders of the world. With tropical weather (it’s even warm when it rains) and lots of palm trees, Hawaii is a magical place to visit where you will create lifelong memories. Best of all, each Island has it’s own unique advantages. For instance, if you want a more remote location, head to Kauai and if you want a little more fun in the big city, head to Waikiki.

  3. Naples. Not Naples, Italy, but Naples, Florida. If Miami is one of the most common tropical tourist destinations in Florida, Naples is a little more laid back and it’s definitely underrated. The benefit of which is that you don’t have to worry about crowded beaches and waiting in line behind tourists. If you are looking for a destination to relax, spend some time in Naples and this amazing beachside town will redefine the word ‘relaxing.’

  4. Massachusetts. It’s just not fair to pick one place in Massachusetts to visit, because you should really explore the whole state – it will only take you a week or so. Whether you visit Cape Cod or one of the many Boston attractions, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Massachusetts. This is because out of all the New England states, Massachusetts has a unique charm like none other.

  5. Virgin Islands. If you are looking for a Caribbean getaway that is still in the U.S., pay a visit to the amazingly scenic Virgin Islands. These breathtaking islands are amazing because you have everything that a tropical paradise has, but you get to stay in the US. Not to mention, it has some of the best resorts in the world – where you can do nothing but relax.

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