5 Tips to Protect Your Home

Home fire accidents are a very common occurrence and each year thousands of people are affected by them. Not only do these result in extensive property damage, but they can also lead to fatalities. As matter of fact numerous people become affected by house fire-related burns and injuries. But it’s possible to reduce the occurrence of this fire by following a few tips to protect our homes:


  1. Preventing fires in the kitchen


  • Always stay by your microwave/gas when any food is boiling, frying, cooking, roasting or grilling in your kitchen.
  • Make it a point to move all inflammable items such as pot holders, towels and paper towels away from the heating elements and stove.
  • Ensure that small children and pets aren’t walking around in the kitchen unsupervised.


  1. Being careful with electrical items


  • Ensure that all your electrical outlets have protectors as this helps prevent fires in your home.
  • It’s important to replace frayed wires without delay as these run the risk of fire accidents.
  • Replace loose and wobbly plugs on time.
  • If you find that your breakers and fuses are tripping or blowing very frequently, get the circuits checked and replace the wiring if it’s too old.


  1. Fire alarm and fire system tips


  • Install smoke alarms in every story of your home.
  • Its best to place these alarms outside the bedroom doors in the hallway
  • Replace the batteries in these alarms on an annual basis
  • Replace alarms every 10 years.
  • Make sure that all your family members are aware of how these smoke alarms and the fire system work


  1. Safety tips with chimneys


  • Get the chimneys in your house checked regularly as old installations can develop faults.
  • If any faults are detected in the inspection or if you thing something is amiss, make sure you get the problem fixed without delay.


  1. Be mindful when you are using fire heaters and candles


  • If you have portable heaters in your home, make sure they are placed carefully as improper placement can cause the sheets or curtains to light up.
  • Get the central heating equipment inspected at least once each year.
  • The open flames of candles can be extremely dangerous so make sure you place them at a safe location (not near any curtains, furnishings, beds etc.).
  • It’s better to use battery-operated candles.
  • Never leave the candles on in a vacant room.
  • Make sure to blow out the candles before getting to bed.


Other aspects to focus on


In addition to all these things, it is important to educate your kids about fire safety and the things they should be mindful of. It’s also important to have a fire extinguisher on every level of your home. You should also have an effective fire escape plan ready; make sure your entire family rehearses this plan at least a couple of times a year.


If you have pets, it’s crucial that you include your pets in this fire plan as well and entrust the responsibility of taking care of the pet to any one family member, in case there is a fire incident in your home.


In short, you should never take fire safety lightly and follow these steps to ensure your family and property is protected from the risks of fire breakouts on your property. For your safety and to protect your home against fire, you need to make sure you have the right type of fire extinguisher and other equipment on your property. For your safety, ask a professional for advice about the type of fire pump you should get installed on your property. For more information call us at Les Gicleurs Acmé today.




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