6 Unique Chocolate Brands from Around the World

Chocolate is a perfect metaphor for love, feelings, emotions, romance and happiness. It is because of this influential nature that chocolate is widely consumed around the world in various styles and forms. People all around the world are fond of chocolates and they have their own preferable flavors and tastes of chocolates. Due to such diverse demand of chocolate Gifts Hampers, the chocolatiers, confectioners and chocolate makers have discovered various techniques to manufacture chocolates and give them unique taste and appearance to make them tempting for the consumer.

We all know various famous chocolate brands which are commonly consumed in almost all countries around the world. These include Nestle, Cadbury, Ferrero Rocher, Lindt, and many more famous brands which have roots from world famous Swiss, Belgian and Italian Chocolate makers. However we found that apart from these renowned chocolate brands, there are some famous local brands of chocolates which are quite popular among their natives due to some exquisite qualities. Therefore in this article we have tried to put down some of those local famous brands which exist in various parts of the world and some of which are also famous at international level due to their exceptional quality of ingredients.

Here we go:

1. Grenada Chocolate Company


The Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd was founded by Mott Green in 1990 with the vision to create a Chocolate Makers and Organic Cocoa Farmers Cooperation. The chocolate is produced from world famous cocoa beans which is a high quality Organic dark Chocolate of Granada. Their factory is located in a beautiful rainforest of Granada among the lush cocoa groves.


2. zChocolat


zChocolat is a French brand started by Jean-Philippe Khodara and his wife Valerie in 1999. The company is famous for its unique styled premium chocolate flavors and distinctive packaging as the chocolates are shipped worldwide in solid mahogany boxes of different sizes.

The chocolates further can be customized with engraved letters or photos according to your choice. The variety of flavors are numbered 0-15 and “Z” and embossed in the chocolate as well. The French flavors have various praline tastes.





3. Green & Black’s Chocolate


This is UK based company commonly known for its organic and Fair trade chocolates. Started in 1991 by a macrobiotic restaurateur Craig Sams and his wife Josephine Fairley, they fostered the vision of producing traceable organic chocolates.

Their first Fair Trade chocolate bar was produced in 1994 named Maya Gold, which used cacao beans from farmer’s association in Belize. The company also sources its cacao beans from Dominion Republic.





4. Pacari


Pacari is a brand of Ecuadorian Chocolate Company, founded by Santiago Peralta and Carla Barboto in 2002. They specialize in making chocolates from organic, sustainable and single origin cocoa beans and are best known for their ethical and raw chocolate products.


5. Cocoa Mountain


Cocoa Mountain was founded by Paul and James in 2006 in Scotland with the aim to produce the freshest, innovative and highest quality chocolates. In fact they use some extraordinary ingredients for their chocolates with natural flavorings which enhance the overall taste of the chocolate.

Their fundamental principal to produce chocolates without any additives, artificial preservatives or colors is their key success factor. All their chocolates are handmade which is quite exciting and also traditional considering the latest developments.

The company rests in the most beautiful geographical region of Europe and they claim to reflect this beauty in their chocolates.



6. Australian Homemade


Australian homemade though with the name “Australian” is a Dutch chocolate shop which has primarily over 50 stores in the Netherlands alone. They also sell ice cream and coffee. Although it is a Dutch company yet their chocolates emboss some interesting patterns and pictures from Australian art and culture.





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