Taking a vintage motorcycle tour in Laos is a blend of fun and guts.  Aside from savoring the gripping receptivity of the people, riding through the hilly rocky side is like intently digging up layers of treasures. It is an unforgettable experience and a gripping adventure.  It memories are indelible.

Laos people are one of the most accommodating people I’ve come to know in my passion for biking.  Different cultures and people who seem to understand the virtue of communality.  They receive visitors with open arms.

Trust this, with people like this and topography that seems to be calling for adventure, one is engrossed in the beautiful experience of a motorcycle tour.

A motorcycle tour in Laos is like riding away to different enchanting monuments.  From the Buddhist temples to different craft sites that adorn the city and leave the enchanting aura of beauty and friendliness.

There are many gripping sites and locations to savor as one bike through Laos.  In the Mekong, the life of the people borders around mini markets that dot every corner as one rides along.  Modernization has almost erased every memory of the French occupation of the city which lasted nearly 60 years.

Residents of Mekong are people who are attached to their culture, religion and unique way of life.  They hold dear their social and religious beliefs which influence to some good degree their ideologies and ways of life.

So when next you think of exploring new enchanting places, think of a motorcycle tour in Laos.  You’d be glad to have embarked an adventure that leaves you with indelible memories of people who welcome you with enthralling smiles, rocky and hilly side that test your guts and roads that are less traveled.

Like every other tour, motorcycle tours in Laos require the services of a tour guide.  But you could choose to bend the rules by exploring and riding on rocky hillsides that are less traveled.  You could as well choose to play by the rules of the tour guide.  Game changers and gutsy riders hardly play by the rules.  They enjoy leading the way, wherever it leads!

There are cross-border trips that expose one to new people, new culture, and new experiences.  Everything seems beautifully different when one is on such tour.  Instead of sleeping in your well-veiled closet, you may end up catching your naps in sacred sanctuaries like the elephant sanctuary.

This sanctuary is very precious to the inhabitants of this land.  There are many volunteers who work to save a thousand elephants from going into extinction as a result of the activities of loggers.  Deforestation has become a serious menace that has for ages threatened the wellbeing of many animals, especially elephants. For centuries Laos’s most valuable resource has been its forests.

A motorcycle trip affords one the opportunity to meet with the ever cheerful and receptive Laotians. Whether serving as monks or volunteers, one’s sure of being received with an open arm from these peace loving people.

Laos is a mountainous, landlocked country, bounded on the north by China, on the east by Vietnam, on the south by Cambodia, and on the west and northwest by Thailand and Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). It is rich in resources and has an ethnically varied population.



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