Advice for building a career in customer service

If you thought all there was to building a business was increasing the sales margin and developing innovative products, then think again. No business can survive long term without providing good customer service. This is why there is much focus on customer service and those who work in this department. It is not just the sales people who are the face of the company it is also those behind the customer service desks and on the phones.

Work in customer service departments, such as those in a call centre are often seen as a good entry point into the working world. These positions mostly require you to be an excellent communicator, have a friendly manner and know how to solve problems. While some may see a role in customer service as a temporary stopgap – a good place to develop skills and gain valuable work experience on their way up the corporate ladder, there are advancement opportunities to furthering a career in this dynamic field.

In every sector of the business world, old and new, including the tech and financial sector, there is a constant need for vibrant and successful customer service departments. The diverse range of industries and the opportunities they present means that an exciting career path can be looked forward to. If the prospect of being at the heart of a business excites you, then a position at Wescot might be ideal for you. The company represents a large number of clients ranging over finance, retail, utility and telecoms industries.

From trainee positions, team leader positions, managerial customer service manager positions to director of customer service or even CEO, there is an exponential growth of opportunities to take you higher in this field. With more experience gained over the years, you have the potential to be a valuable asset to the company. The more experience/years in the role you have, the more money you are likely to earn. On average, the salary of Customer Service Managers with less than a year’s experience can be £22,530, while those with over 20 years, £31,506.

Essential skills for work in customer service

Apart from a friendly smile and being a people person, there are a wide variety of skills a good customer service representative should have. Some of these should ideally come naturally while you can be trained on developing others.

Good listening skills appear at the top of the list. If you really want to shine in customer service then you do need to be a good listener. You will be called upon to help people with their queries, and in order to do so effectively, you will need to listen to them carefully.

Know the business you represent, become an expert so to speak on the products and services and the solutions they can offer. You may not see this as an outright skill, but confidence in a customer service role is crucial if you are to excel at it. Confidence will empower you to handle queries more efficiently and communicate more effectively with the customer.

Being on the receiving end of complaints means that you will have to be able to handle pressure and be adaptable to any given circumstance. Customer service is a great place to launch a successful career.

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