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Ras al Khaimah, Sheikh Saud’s Historic Land

His Highness Sheikh Saud bin Saqr Al Qasimi, ruler of Ras al Khaimah, comes from a dynastic tradition dating back to the days when the region currently occupied by the United Arab Emirates was under the control of the powerful Qawisim clan. Starting in the 18th century, the Qawisim rose to power through maritime dominance and trading at a time when the economy of Ras al Khaimah was quite prosperous. RAK was known as Julfar during the Middle Ages; it is believed that this region of the Arabian Peninsula Read more [...]
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Nabil Fakih – Tips on Dealing With Culture Shock

Whilst it may not be an official medical term, culture shock is something very real and something which really is not enjoyable. I you haven’t heard of this before it can best be described as being the freak out which many people have when they are traveling in or moving to a new country. Four years ago this happened to me and I only got through it thanks to a friend of mine Nabil Fakih. Nabil moved to the UK from Egypt when he was 18 and during our friendship he often told me how he had suffered Read more [...]
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Bharat Bhise – How to Become a Better Guitar Player

Growing up I always wanted to be able to play the guitar and whilst I learned on my own to play the odd tune, I never really mastered the art of playing the guitar properly, at least not well enough to entertain anyone. My next door neighbor and my very dear friend Bharat Bhise picked up the guitar a little later than I did, about 15 years later in fact, and yet after just a couple of years he had really mastered that thing. Bharat is one of those annoying people who can turn his hand to just about Read more [...]

Richard Soper – Why Listening to Albums is How Music Should Be

I first met Richard Soper at his record store in town and we quickly bonded over our shared interest in music and in vinyl collecting. Since that fateful day Richard and I have spent a lot of time together, discussing music and many more things as we have traveled from state to state picking up albums. Something which we often discuss is how the art of listening to a full album has been lost, and the need for this to come back into style. If you are guilty of this then here is why listening to an Read more [...]
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Peter Max – The Importance of Taking a Chance on Someone

I have learned in the last 2 years just how important it is to give someone a chance, and it was Peter Max who has taught me just how much you can change someone’s life when you do so. Peter is one of my favorite artists and I discovered a couple of years ago that a friend of a friend of mine was actually the daughter of the great man, it’s amazing what you can find on Facebook! At that time I was very much a struggling artist, about to give up on my dreams of making it into a career. I never Read more [...]

Bogoljub Karic – Songs to Pick You Up on a Road Trip

My buddy Bogoljub Karic and I have driven across almost every state in the US and taken some extraordinarily long journeys in this great nation of ours. Bogoljub and I would take any opportunity to head off on a road trip and to be honest he has been the perfect road trip partner during our many hours on the road. One thing which is absolutely essential to any road trip is music, it has the power to entertain and most importantly, to keep your spirits up. There is always a period of downtime on the Read more [...]

5 Tips From Misha Kaura About Getting Into The Textiles Industry

Textile according to Misha Kaura? Textile refers to a flexible material made from natural or artificial fibers called yarn. They are obtained from wool, flax, cotton and hemp which are then spun into long strands and then woven, knitted, braided, felted or crocheted into the material called textile. Animal sources of yarn are hair, wool, fur, skin or silk. Plant fibers are numerous as just about any plant can be used in making yarn for textile. Mineral sources consist of things like asbestos, Read more [...]

Understanding Why You Need a Good Defense Lawyer like David Serna

The Law and David Serna: An Overview Sometimes, no matter how law abiding you are as a good citizen, trouble finds its way to you. Whether you are innocent or guilty, or simply need legal advice on various subjects, everyone needs a good defense lawyer like David Serna. David Serna is a defense attorney who has been practicing law for over 40 years in New Mexico. New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, much like any other state in the United States has its own laws and local lawyers who practice Read more [...]
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AMDA Reviews: Why You Should Study Performing Arts at AMDA

AMDA Reviews: An Overview There are many courses to choose from in most universities and colleges. Many of which fall into various categories such as sciences, technology, medicine, business, and arts. Performing arts is a career path for the more artistic students who wish to become dancers, singers, and actors. Basically, performing arts is a career path for the entertainment industry. In the United States, AMDA is a leading educational institution that offers some of the best training in performing Read more [...]

Leading contenders for the Champions league title following opening fixtures

Europe’s major competition is now in full swing following the opening rounds of fixtures. Surprisingly, 13 time winners Real Madrid are really struggling and at present sit bottom of Group A. This has seen them pick up one point from their opening two fixtures, following a 3-0 away loss at PSG and a 2-2 home draw with Club Brugge. They now have a huge task on their hands if they are to go on and land another title this season, that sees them outside the favourites at present.   Manchester Read more [...]
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