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Best Practice Summer Lawn Care Tips from TruGreen Lawn Care

Summer in Knoxville can be brutal, particularly for lawns. In some areas, summer is a thriving time, but only if the lawn has been properly look after all year long. And that can be a lot of hard work. This is why so many people decide to work with companies like TruGreen Lawn Care instead, thereby making sure their lawn survives. To help community members, TruGreen has released some of those best practice strategies.

TruGreen Lawn Care on Watering

Unsurprisingly, the most important issue is watering. If you want turf to be healthy during the summer, it must be watered the right way, at the right time, and in the right volume. The roots need to go as deep as possible into the soil, past the point where it can evaporate thanks to sunlight. Doing so ensures that grass can survive droughts as well. This doesn’t happen overnight, however. The best and quickest way to achieve it is to only water the lawn when it starts to wilt, after which the lawn should receive a deep drink.

TruGreen Lawn Care on Fertilization

A good lawn should be fertilized during the spring. This means that the fertilizer has time to get to work, readying it for summer. Similarly, protecting a lawn during winter means fertilizing it in the fall. The fertilizer should be of high quality, so that the grass is ready to take on the extreme heat (and cold in winter).

TruGreen Lawn Care on Summer Mowing

Most turf problems happen during the summer because of loss of moisture. Proper watering is a key element of this, ensuring roots can grow deeply. Meanwhile, you also need to make sure less water is lost because of the sun’s heat. Increasing the mowing height is the best way to do that, make sure the grass blades effectively create their own shade, insulting the soil in so doing. Mulch mowing can also be beneficial in that, recycling the cuttings to provide the lawn with extra nutrients and protection from the sun at the same time.

TruGreen Lawn Care on Pests and Weeds

Last nut not least, there are some very harsh weed and pest treatments and they should be avoided on lawns. This is particularly true if a homeowner uses them themselves, instead of asking a professional to do it. Chemical pesticides can also be dangerous for any edible plants, for your pets, and for your children. However, if you must use them, make sure you don’t do that during summer’s hottest days. Wait till the temperature becomes a little bit milder. The best option is to treat during spring if that is at all possible.

With these tips, you should be able to have a beautiful lawn. It does show, however, how much work there actually is to do in order to get the lawn to look beautiful, particularly during summer. This is another reason why, for many people, it is a better idea to hire a professional company like TruGreen Lawn Care instead.

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