Bogoljub Karic – Songs to Pick You Up on a Road Trip

My buddy Bogoljub Karic and I have driven across almost every state in the US and taken some extraordinarily long journeys in this great nation of ours. Bogoljub and I would take any opportunity to head off on a road trip and to be honest he has been the perfect road trip partner during our many hours on the road. One thing which is absolutely essential to any road trip is music, it has the power to entertain and most importantly, to keep your spirits up. There is always a period of downtime on the road, when the conversation has dried up and you are getting bored of driving. At this moment of a road trip, you need a song to pick you up ,and these are the best which we have found.


Money For Nothing – Dire Straits


This is a song which probably has the best guitar into of all time and it is one which will give you that little injection of energy which you need when there is a lull on the road. The song creeps up on you before the drums and the bass start to build, climaxing with a gnarly guitar riff which will have you grooving in your seat.


Bon Jovi – You Gove Love a Bad Name


There are so many Bon Jovi songs which I could select for this list but You Give Love a Bad Name is the one which is most effective. The song is like an all out rock attack and from the first acapella chorus of ‘Shot to the heart, and your to blame’ you will be right in the middle of an 80s rock scene, singing along and, assuming you’re the passenger, playing air guitar until your fingers bleed.


Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love


Rock music is usually the best genre to employ when you need a boost, and it doesn’t get more rock and roll than Led Zeppelin, the greatest to ever do it. Whole Lotta Love showcases everything that the band do well, Plant’s vocals are absolutely insane, Jimmy Page with one of the greatest guitar riffs ever written, Bonzo playing drums like he’s trying to break them, syncing perfectly with John Paul Jones heavy bass.


ABBA – Mamma Mia


I have absolutely no shame in admitting that I love ABBA and their infectious happiness, pop hooks and smooth vocals can provide you with the perfect tonic that you need when things go a bit flat in the car. You may laugh but I can assure you that the moment that you hear the intro to this song, you will wish that you had a hair brush in your hand so that you can do this song proper justice. ABBA had that incredible ability to make perfect pop songs and Mamma Mia is most definitely one of those.


Which songs do you go to when things get a little bit flat during a road trip?

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