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Cargo Trailers: 4 Questions You Must Get Right

Scour the internet and it doesn’t take long to see just how many car buying guides there are out there. However, change your search term and look for cargo trailer guides and the situation changes somewhat.

These are vehicles that only apply to a minority out there, but the sheer cost means that it’s a purchasing decision that most of these people cannot afford to get wrong.

Fortunately, despite their size, cargo trailers are actually quite simple vehicles. We have honed in on three areas that you should pay particular attention to and this applies whether you are looking for trailers for sale in Denver, Miami Beach or some obscure city in the middle of nowhere. The rules are identical.

Size matters

Forgive us for using the old cliché, but we thought we should throw it in there that size obviously matters. For some people, a small cargo trailer will suffice, while for others one that has a larger capacity might be needed.

We’ll offer no advice here – the size will depend on your intended use.

What type of axle?

Nowadays, trailers tend to arrive with a single or tandem axle.

The former can be described as having just one load bearing axle and most of the time these trailers won’t arrive with any brakes.

The tandem axle versions meanwhile are much more advanced and usually arrive with brakes, as well as some form of suspension.

Bearing this in mind, if you are in the business of hauling heavy goods around, the tandem axle is most certainly the way forward. It’s worth mentioning that these also tend to track more accurately over different road types.

What type of rear door do you need?

Pretty much every cargo trailer out there will be enclosed and this means that you will have some sort of rear door for access. To make things slightly complicated, there are numerous types of doors including ones of the ramp, double or single barn-type variety.

The type that you will require will be based on your intended use. For example, if you are transporting vehicles, you will most certainly need a ramp. If on the other hand you are transporting large, bulky items, a double-door can provide you with more room to maneuver.

Are you opting for the open or enclosed route?

We touched upon this issue in the previous section and when it comes to cargo, most people will be opting for the enclosed trailer.

This is another part of this guide that is completely self-explanatory. Enclosed trailers, are to put it bluntly, enclosing the vehicle’s goods from the elements. It should probably go without saying that open trailers are therefore much cheaper and if you go down the used route, you can even pick one up for less than $1000.

Nevertheless, in a bid to protect your goods, enclosed trailers are generally the way forward. They are heavier, which can provide a hindrance to some, but most people are happy to make this sacrifice in return for a vehicle that is significantly more secure.

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