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What Are The Best Ways to Cook Eggs?

The traditional chef’s hat features 100 pleats in it, why you ask? This dates back to the 16th Century and it was said to represent the 100 ways there are to cook an egg. On hundred ways to cook an egg seems like an incredible amount, don’t worry though, we will not be detailing them all in this article as you probably don’t have the time to read it and in all honesty, I got stuck in the mid-20s. Instead however I am going to talk to you today about the best ways to cook eggs, and which are Read more [...]

Things You Can do to Feel Better About Your Body

If you have body image issues then this can manifest itself in many different ways, it can leave you stressed out or depressed, feeling ugly and envious of those around you. There are lots of moments when you will be reminded of the things you don’t like about your body, something as simple as walking past a mirror or getting dressed each morning. The good news is that whatever your problems with your body are, there is always a fix, something you can do about your hangups that can leave you feeling Read more [...]

Effective treatments for Multiple Sclerosis: a guide

Although there is presently no cure for MS, that hasn't stopped people like Adam Rosenfeld Miami from raising awareness and funds for research so that one day we will only have to talk about one type of treatment: the one that permanently eradicates any sign of this disease from your body. Until that time, we have have no recourse but to treat its symptoms as they crop up. Below, we will discuss the best treatment options for those diagnosed with this disorder. 1) Managing the effects of MS attacks One Read more [...]

12 step addiction recovery programs, explained simply

You may have heard of 12 step programs before, but you may not know what they are, beyond the first one (which involves admitting that you have a problem). Erik Bugen and other addiction recovery experts use the 12 steps, as they have had a proven track record of effectiveness over the years. Wondering what they entail? This post will break them down so that you can get a sense of how they work. 1) “We admitted we were powerless over alcohol/narcotics/gaming/etc—that our lives had become Read more [...]

Experienced Neurosurgeon Offers Advice On Spotting Scoliosis

Scoliosis is a medical condition that causes a person’s spine to curve, sometimes leading to decreased mobility and breathing difficulties. There are several causes of scoliosis, notably due to genetics and environmental effects. Having family members with scoliosis also sometimes increases the risk of developing it. Some people with underlying problems like cerebral palsy, muscle spasms and tumors could also develop scoliosis. While the condition may not be obviously seen in its early stages, Read more [...]

Leading medical causes behind infertility for women

Firstly, we should probably add something of a disclaimer to this article. While we are going to analyze some of the most common infertility causes for women, it's worth mentioning that they are just as likely as men to suffer difficulties in this regard. In fact, one study found that there was an even chance. Nevertheless, infertility amongst women is a hot-talking point. Over recent times there has been even more coverage of it, especially after the advancements made by Kwang Yul Cha and his Read more [...]

Your Complete Guide to Making the Right Choice for a Medical Transcription Service

It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of a good medical transcription service – a simple spelling mistake or grammar mistake could mean the difference between a patient receiving the right orders or the insurance company claiming it has been cheated. Medical transcription services, however, have become such a valuable tool that it’s hard to imagine a world without it – it’s just a matter of finding the one that gives you valuable service and impeccable quality for a reasonable Read more [...]

How Balloons Are Shaping the Future

Over the past two decades or so, there have been lots of new developments in the world of surgery for those who struggle with obesity. This includes the lap band and the gastric bypass, for instance. However, there has been a real cry out for even better developments, and this has included the gastric balloon. The reason for this is that, although a new directive was put in place in 2006 for the training of gastric surgeons, there are still significant risks associated with the surgery as a whole. The Read more [...]

How Poor Dental Care May Affect Your Overall Health

Tooth loss isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when you have poor dental care. A lot of studies actually link it with tons of health issues- some of them can even be fatal. These effects may not be noticeable right away but as you age and the longer you neglect your oral care, the more damage it can cause to your overall health. Here’s a quick rundown of how the lack of proper dental hygiene can make you sick. It can affect your memory Poor dental care is linked with cases of dementia. Read more [...]

African American Statistics and Demographics

African Americans, Afro Americans, or Black Americans, are residents in this country whose ancestry lies firmly or partially in the Sub-Saharan black slaves that we brought to America. They are the second largest ethnic and racial minority in this country. The majority descend directly from Central and West African communities and can trace their lineage back directly to these slaves. Some have come from South America, Central America, and the Caribbean as well, although their ancestry is obviously Read more [...]