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Your Complete Guide to Making the Right Choice for a Medical Transcription Service

It’s impossible to underestimate the importance of a good medical transcription service – a simple spelling mistake or grammar mistake could mean the difference between a patient receiving the right orders or the insurance company claiming it has been cheated. Medical transcription services, however, have become such a valuable tool that it’s hard to imagine a world without it – it’s just a matter of finding the one that gives you valuable service and impeccable quality for a reasonable Read more [...]

How Balloons Are Shaping the Future

Over the past two decades or so, there have been lots of new developments in the world of surgery for those who struggle with obesity. This includes the lap band and the gastric bypass, for instance. However, there has been a real cry out for even better developments, and this has included the gastric balloon. The reason for this is that, although a new directive was put in place in 2006 for the training of gastric surgeons, there are still significant risks associated with the surgery as a whole. The Read more [...]

How Poor Dental Care May Affect Your Overall Health

Tooth loss isn’t the only thing you have to worry about when you have poor dental care. A lot of studies actually link it with tons of health issues- some of them can even be fatal. These effects may not be noticeable right away but as you age and the longer you neglect your oral care, the more damage it can cause to your overall health. Here’s a quick rundown of how the lack of proper dental hygiene can make you sick. It can affect your memory Poor dental care is linked with cases of dementia. Read more [...]

African American Statistics and Demographics

African Americans, Afro Americans, or Black Americans, are residents in this country whose ancestry lies firmly or partially in the Sub-Saharan black slaves that we brought to America. They are the second largest ethnic and racial minority in this country. The majority descend directly from Central and West African communities and can trace their lineage back directly to these slaves. Some have come from South America, Central America, and the Caribbean as well, although their ancestry is obviously Read more [...]

CRE: The superbug that spreads across the country

Visit any hospital in the country and you probably wouldn't be the only person who believed there were an excessively high number of hand hygiene terminals. This is proving to be one of the main ways in which hospitals are attempting to stop infections in their tracks, and stop superbug epidemics that were once plastered all over the news. Of course, it's not just hand hygiene. If you were to delve into hospital policies, you'd see pages and pages of new procedures that have to be adhered to in Read more [...]

How Do Infrared Heaters Compare to Traditional Ones in a Sauna?

People who care about their health and want to both look and feel better, will often use saunas. Saunas offer fantastic health benefits, something that has been known for a very long time. From their humble, hole in the ground, beginnings, they have come a very long way. Today, you can even get an infrared sauna heater. However, this has caused people to ask whether that actually offers the same health benefits or not. A Brief History Saunas have been known to have health and therapeutic benefits Read more [...]

Will Health Insurance Providers Pay for Bariatric Surgery?

People who are overweight may be considering to have some form of bariatric surgery. Usually, they do this after a range of traditional weight loss methods have proven to be unsuccessful. Although they may lose some weight through dieting and exercise, they usually put it straight back on. For people who are obese, therefore, bariatric surgery is often a last chance to make a change. The Cost of Bariatric Surgery The best bariatric surgery, unfortunately, isn’t cheap. Luckily, however, more and Read more [...]

Improving Life Through Having A Fit Lifestyle

As people get old they tend to think that it is really hard to have a good life quality. This is incorrect. In reality, age is truly just a number. The only difference is that you have to make some changes as time passes. Paul Gravette showcases the fact that you can always have a really great life if you think about being fit. A fit lifestyle is not as difficult to get as you may believe at the moment. Everything basically sums up to being dedicated to what you are doing. What is very important Read more [...]

7 Healthy Lunches for the Office

Lunch at the office doesn’t have to be boring or unhealthy. With minimal prep work, you can pack and bring from home a lunch that your coworkers will envy. You may want to pack some extra for sharing. Salad in a Jar The salad-in-a-jar phenomenon is especially popular with office workers looking to make a portable healthy lunch. Here are a few tips on preparing your own. Add your ingredients in layers, going from wet to dry. Begin by adding your dressing to the empty jar, and then wet vegetables Read more [...]

Proven health benefits of coffee – Know why you should drink a cup everyday

Do you think you can ever find a person in this world who has never tried a cup of coffee? It is something that is consumed everywhere and if you consider the number of Starbucks locations within the US alone, you will be more than sure that we simply love our caffeine. Americans are simply proud of their habit of drinking coffee and that’s fine for them. You will be rather happy to note that there are many benefits of being one among the 55% of the Americans above the age of 18 years who drink Read more [...]