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Jeff Lupient Wife – Behind Every Great Man…

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman and the same can probably be said in reverse if we are being honest. One example of the former that I want to talk about today is Jeff Lupient wife, the amazing woman behind the man who runs the Lupient Automotive Group here in Minneapolis-St. Paul Area, Minnesota. I have worked with Jeff for a number of years now and it is now secret that he is a star trader and someone with high expectations on both himself and for his company. Jeffrey Read more [...]

Stephen Varanko III – Ways In Which You Can Become Digital Nomad

The lifestyle of a digital nomad is one which attracts many people and in this modern age it is very easy to see why. Digital nomadism is on the rise and there are now literally thousands of people out there like myself and my friend Stephen Varanko III, who are making a living online whilst enjoying the fact that they are location independent. During my time trying to make it online I have tried many different ways of earning money and I wanted to share them with you so that you can see how one Read more [...]

Michelle L Marquez – How to be a Great Friend

For some people it is how many friends that they have and for others it is how high quality those friends are. I have been very fortunate in my life to make some great friends, especially my best friend Michelle L Marquez who has been by my side for years. I met Michelle when we studied law together, bonding over stock fraud cases and arbitration studies, in truth we were talking about all manner of other things than the law, but this was at least what we appeared to be doing. Since those days Michelle Read more [...]

What Makes Andrew Curran Wesleyan University Professor So Inspirational

During your time at university you will run into all manner of professors from the boring and drab to the downright zany and everything in between. If you are lucky enough however, you may also find a professor who is inspirational to you and who can greatly motivate you to be the best that you possibly can. For me that man was Andrew Curran Wesleyan professor and someone who grew up not far from me in New Haven, Hartford. During the 4 years that I studied law with him I never had a complaint at Read more [...]

Dayanna Volitich – The Importance of Breaking From Social Media

Social media is something which has completely changed our lives and millions of people around the world use it to connect with friends, promote their business, find recommendations and share what is going on in their lives. Whilst social media is a wonderful tool to use in our daily lives it is also something that is wrought with danger. I spoke to psychologist Dayanna Volitich about the perils of over-using social media and why it is important to take a break from time to time.   False Read more [...]
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Michael Volitich – Favorite 5 Albums

After a few drinks last week with my good friend Michael Volitich we got to talking about music, in particular what our favorite albums are of all time. This was inspired ever so slightly by the show Desert Island Discs, whereby celebs talk about the 5 records that they would take with them to a desert island if they were going to be stranded, only we decided to look at albums instead. Naturally I couldn’t select straight off the top of my head but having had time to think, here are the 5 which Read more [...]

The Problems With Acquiring a Loan

Getting a loan, especially in this economy, is not a given even if you have collateral to back it up. Banks are getting stingy when determining who is and who is not loan worthy. They can do the paperwork seem incredibly difficult to figure out and make you jump through unreasonable hoops. They can do all this because they believe they have the upper hand.   The Fine Print It can be astoundingly difficult dealing with the loan officers at the banks. It seems they want to make sure you currently Read more [...]

Tips for Buying Wedding Bands

Choosing wedding bands can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many aspects to take care of.  While jewellery is a symbolic piece, with wedding bands, the meaning goes deeper. They represent a lifetime of love and commitment. With so many designs to choose from, the whole task can seem overwhelming. But with a little bit of planning, everything can go smoothly. Here are a few tips and tricks to nail this challenging task.   Budget First and foremost, decide on a budget. Yes, money Read more [...]

The Benefits of Indoor Golf

Golf is a really popular sport practiced by many people. Even if many of them practice it mainly for the great landscapes and the beautiful golf courses, golf is a really good exercise to train your muscles and to relax. There still are some disadvantages to golf. As it’s usually outdoor, it can be impossible to practice it in the winter. It also requires a big adapted field to practice it correctly without disturbing the neighbours. This aspect may make this sport inaccessible to those who wouldn’t Read more [...]
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Some riders act in a reckless manner and hope for the best. Others think their credit card and mobile phone will come in handy when there is trouble. However, smart motorcyclist prepares for the worst. They know that adequate preparation and packing the right tools will keep them on the road. So if you are going on several motorcycle tours in South Africa, there are things you must take with you. Bluetooth Headset Including this to your face helmet is fairly cheap and easy. It lets you Read more [...]