CBI Tulsa – The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Although metal roofing is not as popular as asphalt shingle, it isn’t an entirely new concept. In fact, the inherent limitations of asphalt shingle have led to a recent rise in popularity of metal roofing CBI Tulsa installation for both residential and commercial roofing purposes. Nonetheless, metal roofs have plenty of real benefits. Made from materials like galvanized steel, aluminum and tin, metal roofs also come in a wide variety of different styles including shingles, shakes, and panels.


One of the most significant factors to bear in mind when choosing a new roof is how long it will last. With metal roofing, you can rest assured your roof will serve you for decades to come. The typical metal roof will last between three and seven times longer than the average asphalt shingled roof. Metal’s ability to stand up to different weather conditions, whether intense heat or severe snowstorms, make it a popular choice for its longevity. Moreover, many metal roofing manufacturers will offer a warranty that may cover your roof for up to 50 years. Steel roofing, when coated with an alloy of zinc or aluminum can give you an extended lifespan of up to 100 years.


Although most metal roofs comprise of one or two metals (aluminum and steel) modern roofs come in a broad spectrum of styles and colors. You can find metal roofs in any color that will match the visual aesthetic and style of your home. Depending on the architectural design of your home, you can also choose between interlocking metal shingles or vertical metal planes. There is also a broad array of metal roofing accessories in the market, such as color-matched trims, which allow you to customize your roof and add some personality to your home’s design.

Ease of installation

Metal roofing materials come in larger sections of panels or shingles several feet wide. That reduces installation time, especially for an experienced contractor. In addition to minimizing the labor costs of installation, you can have a new roof installed without much disruption or further damage to your home, especially if a storm has damaged your existing roof.

Fire resistance

Metal roofs are highly resistant to fire. Some insurance companies will even give their clients a discount for installing metal roofing.

Energy efficiency

Another reason to opt for metal roofing is that it’s an environmentally friendly option. Many metal roofing types are made from 100% recyclable materials such as aluminum. Going for metal roofing is, therefore, a good way to reduce your carbon footprint and conserve the environment. Metal roofing is also energy efficient in that it reflects the sun’s rays, hence absorbing less heat. This helps to keep your home cooler and may help you to save plenty on air conditioning costs.

Low maintenance

In addition to being resistant to harsh weather conditions and rot, metal roofing is also easy to maintain. With no need for annual maintenance, you’ll save time on upkeep. All you need is to keep your panels or shingles free of debris. And that may mean simply spraying clean with a pressure washer or water hose, depending on manufacturer specifications.

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