Collar or Harness – Which Is Best?

As a dog owner, you will quickly find out that you can choose between collars and dog harnesses, and that there are people who will always say one is far superior than the other. There is no consensus on the issue, unfortunately, even amongst qualified individuals. The reason for this is that there are many factors to consider.

The Factors Involved in Choosing between a Collar and a Harness

What will determine whether the harness or the color is better for your individual dog depends mainly on what you are trying to do. If your dog pulls, then a harness is the best choice. If you want to train your dog the command “come”, then a training color is better.

Why a Harness Is Generally Better

The reason why a harness is considered better is because most dog owners don’t really know how to use a collar. Most collars are choke collars, and if they are not fitted properly, the dog’s throat can become damaged. If used properly, the choke collar and the harness are equally good, but for most people, the harness should be the only choice.

A no pull harness is made from a comfortable, soft nylon and the leash attaches in the front of a chest, and not on the back. This means that if the dog tries to pull, the harness will make it impossible for them to do this. Unfortunately, harnesses are pretty hard to fit on a dog. If you have ever unwrapped one, you are likely to have felt massively overwhelmed by the number of clips and straps. Luckily, you can now purchase step in harnesses, which are really easy to use.

Do watch out, however, for your dog’s skin. If they are quite sensitive, then the material of the harness could cause significant irritation. You will see this by the dog trying to chew it off, and it won’t take them long to achieve that. Hence, make sure that your harness is made of a really soft material, so that your dog remains comfortable and enjoys the walk as much as you.

There are now also harnesses that function as a seat belt for your dog, which is important if you take them out in the car. If you like to go places with your dog, then this is a very important tool as it will stop your dog from bouncing out of the car the minute you open a door. Plus, it means they are safe and secure when they are traveling in the car itself.

Collars have their place, of course. For instance, you can use them to attach your dog tag to them. Plus, they are far superior when it comes to teaching your dog a command. However, overall, a harness is the better solution because your dog is more likely to be safe and comfortable. There are lots of harnesses available, suitable for dogs of all sizes, and they are very easy to use, so the choice shouldn’t be hard to make.

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