Dayanna Volitich on the Skills that Make Exceptional Teachers

The future of our young people relies heavily on the quality of the teachers we place them with in our schools. With industry moving so quickly and a need for new types of approaches to learning teachers understand that educations need to be constantly modified and updated to mirror both today’s student make-up and the essentials of today’s hot careers.


For school systems, this means that the curriculum tools in science, math and other subjects that every school system must teach, has to be constantly updated and when found deficient, changed or revised.


Educators like Dayanna Volitich understand that the most important part of the job, is those who have direct roles in educating kids, these are the teachers. Their importance cannot be exaggerated, nor disregarded. Having the best teachers, who possess the best abilities, is right at the heart of any effort to improve education outcomes. Here are some of the skills these great teachers must have.


They Must Be Committed to Great Out comes

Teaching is a job where the needs of the students must always take precedent. This sometimes means that there will be little oversight and additional input required by the teacher other than a lesson plane and testing. At other times however, a teacher needs to be extremely active in making sure that students are keeping up with the work and internalizing what they are being taught.


The best teachers pay close attention during each of these times and provide the necessary input and work to get and keep students on track. This will often mean lots of additional work for a teacher. It might take after school sessions, weekends, additional assignments that must be reviewed and graded, and meeting with students and parents to get things righted. This level of commitment often with no additional pay is a hallmark of great teachers. They remain committed throughout o the success of their students and will go the extra mile to make it happen.


They Incite Passion in Students

It is a proven fact that when people are passionate about a subject they learn that subject better and understand it more fully. Great teachers know this and gt their students passionately engaged in the subject they teach. No matter what it is from the most mundane to the most difficult topics the great teachers will discover ways to have students love the subject matter. This might be done with teaching aids, humor, songs, or a number of other strategies that produce great results. The passion the teacher has for the subject and for teachers always translates to the students who will also become quite passionate about the subject. When the teacher loves what he or she does, so do the students.


They are Approachable

Some teachers run their classrooms like the military with students being given orders about what will and will not happen there. The teachers that institute this type of environment want a classroom ruled by discipline where the teacher’s words are law. The problem with this approach is that students in this environment typically become less interactive and participate less often in class.  The best teachers create an environement where students feel compelled to join in. They feel support fofrom the teacher regarding their thoughts and ideas. And even if what they say does not contribute much to the discussion, they are made to feel welcome to say it. This environment makes better and more active students.


The best teachers love their teaching jobs and their students love them.



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