Famous People Who Have a Finance Degree

The finance or business degree is seen by many as a dry, boring subject. However, there are some pretty famous people, people that few would refer to as “dry” or “boring” who have completed this degree. Let’s take a look at just some of them.

  1. Morris Chestnut

Most people know Morris L. Chestnut for his acting skills. He was in Boyz n the Hood, Two Can Play that Game, The Best Man, The Brothers, Like Mike, The Perfect Holiday, Ladder 49, Not Easily Broken, The Perfect Holiday, and Think Like a Man. He was also in the popular television series V.

  1. Jonathan Vilma

Jonathan P. Vilma is a very famous linebacker. Currently, he is a free agent, but he became big when he was studying business and played college football at the University of Miami. It took no time at all for him to be headhunted by the New York Jets, back in 2004, for the first NFL Draft round. He also won a Super Bowl when he played for the New Orleans Saints.

  1. Geraldine Williams

Geraldine Williams took on the position of vice president of finance for New Edge Networks in January of 2007. Before she joined this company, she was the very first ever female division finance officer and vice president for Seattle, WA’s Washington Mutual.

  1. Robert Stefanowski

Robert Stefenowski currently holds the position of Managing Partner and Chairman of 31 Asia and the Americas. Besides this, he is a member of their Group Investment Committee and Executive Leadership Committee. Before this role, he worked for GE (General Electric) Capital Corporation for 15 years, including as President and CEO. In April 2006, he was elected by the GE Board of Directors as Company Officer.

Besides these roles, he is also an adjunct finance professor at London’s Imperial College and at the London Business School at Cambridge University. The Prime Minister appointed him a Victoria and Albert Museum Trustee in 2009. Additionally, he was a member of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland’s Davos, specifically as part of the Financial Services Industry Partnership.

  1. Mike Golic

Mike (Michael Louis) Golic co-hosts Mike & Mike at ESPN Radio. Prior to this, he was a defensive linesman at the NFL. Additionally, he works as an analyst for the NFL’s studio programming at ESPN and ESPN2. Furthermore, he analyzes the football coverage of the networks. In 1995, he first joined ESPN, holding the position of analyst and reported for the Sunday NFL Countdown.

  1. Reatha Clark King

Reatha Clark King was the Vice President of the General Mills Corporation. Besides holding a finance degree, she is also a chemist. Before her retirement, she was a Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Executive Director, and President of the General Mills Foundation. This foundation is the philanthropic branch of General Mills, Inc.

Clearly, finance degrees are neither boring nor dry, and those who hold such a degree have a vast array of career opportunities available to them.

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