Fashion for Large Men – 9 Ways to Look Slimmer with the Right Clothes

If you’re shopping for big and tall men’s clothing, then you know that it’s not exactly easy. The task becomes even more difficult if your goal is to look 20 pounds lighter. But there are things you can do to look slim and fashionable at the same time:


1. Wear pointed collars and v-neck tees.

Wearing pointed collars (coincidentally it’s considered fashionable nowadays) and v-necks will give the illusion of a thinner neckline and it also draws the attention away from your chin.

2. Don’t wear tight clothes.

You might have seen those billboard ads showing fit and lean men wearing tight jeans and shirts. But if you’re a bit overweight, wearing tight clothes will only make you look much bigger than your actual built. It will also reveal bulges in the belly, waist and chest. Go for semi-loose t-shirts instead.

3. Stay away from bulky fabric.

Unless it’s winter, you should avoid wearing clothes made of bulky fabric because they can add to your weight. Chunky sweaters are a no-no. Instead go for cashmere sweaters.

4. Wear dark colors.

The darker the color, the slimmer you will look. You can choose black, dark grey or dark blue.

5. Choose vertical patterns.

Horizontal patterns will make your body look wider and for large men, this is not the look you’re going for. Thin, vertical lines will make you look slimmer. You should also steer clear from loud and bold patterns.

6. Wear a 3-button blazer.

You want your body to look narrower and more elongated and this is something you can achieve with a 3-button blazer.

7. Put your stuff in your bag.

Instead of stuffing them in your pockets, you should place your cellphones, large wallets and other paraphernalia in your bag so that your large midsection won’t appear even larger.

8. Enhance the right areas in your body.

That means not drawing attention to bulging areas. So if you have a big tummy, wear a dark shirt. If you have large hips, wear dark trousers, and so on.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

One of the most effective ways to look slimmer (aside from choosing the right clothes) is to have the right posture. If you tend to slouch a lot, not only will you have spine alignment issues, but you will also look fatter than you really are. So, keep your chin up, keep your shoulders straight and pull your stomach in and it will make you look as if you have lost a few pounds.

Finally, wear your clothes with confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a $500 designer jacket you or a $30 vintage suede jacket you bought at a discount store. You need to pick clothes that fit you well and make you look good then wear them with confidence. When you can do that, then it won’t matter how big or tall you are – you will look great, regardless.

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