For Every Technological Problem, There is a Technological Solution

Where living in a digital world surrounded by the latest gadgets such as internet and Android phones is indeed a blessing, it has also made life challenging as the advancement in technology has created new kinds of problems for us. What’s really interesting is that only technology can solve most of these problems. Let’s get a glimpse of five of the most common problems related to technology, as well as their technological solutions.

Data Theft

Data theft is a serious concern for the business organizations. It is a common practice for companies to send corporate spies to their competing firms. These spies work as the employees for the latter firms, but their underlying purpose is to steal trade secrets and other sensitive business information. Luckily, you can keep your assets, business secrets, and private data safe by installing spy apps like Mobistealth on your employees’ smartphones in order to keep an eye on their SMS and WhatsApp conversations, call recordings and logs, emails, location history, and much more.


Cyberbullying is not only common among kids but also adults. It takes various forms and may include sending threatening emails, spreading rumors, leaving hateful comments, using sexually abusive language, sending hateful messages, etc. Colleagues, so-called friends, hackers, stalkers, and strangers with malicious intent can find the weaknesses of people and then exploit them to humiliate the targets or get monetary gains. Most of the victims of cyberbullying keep it to themselves out of fear of further embarrassment, thus inadvertently giving more courage and confidence to the perpetrators. This problem can again be tackled to a large extent through the use of monitoring apps.


Sexting is a relatively new trend, especially among young people, that involves exchanging sexy messages, photos, and videos. If you think that your child or partner is sexting with someone behind your back, then install a monitoring tool on their device. It will keep logs of all the images and videos present on their smartphone and let you view them, allowing you to learn the truth.

Social Media

Social media is a good platform for staying in touch with the world and people you love, but it is also an ideal place to waste your time, which most of us do. The temptation to check the likes, tweets, followers and comments is so strong that we keep on coming back to our social media accounts. This distracts us from studies or work. If you suspect that your kids or employees waste too much time on social media, then you may install a spy app on their device to discourage them.

Missing or Stolen Device

Most of the people keep sensitive information on their smartphones. For them, losing their device is equal to losing their privacy and security. If you are a type of person who are pretty forgetful, or live in an area where thefts are common, then the first thing you must do is to install a cell phone tracker. These apps let you locate your phone using GPS, radio, or Wi-Fi signals.

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