Giving a Birthday Gift that the Child Will Remember

Whether the child is your own or not, you always want to give a kid a birthday gift that they will cherish and remember. You can probably recall the days past where you were a kid yourself and some of the gifts that you were receiving were less than stellar. As an adult, you don’t want the gifts that you give to be discarded into a forgotten pile. Below are some excellent ideas for gifts that you can hand out at the next birthday party that will be cherished for some time to come.

Give the Child an Experience

Instead of giving a gift that is all wrapped up in pretty wrapping paper, give the child an experience that they won’t soon forget. Take them bowling and spring for some pizza and soda. Treat them to a couple movies back to back on the weekend. Take a pool day together and visit the nearest lake or beach. If they have always wanted to go camping, a night out in the woods could inspire a love of the outdoors that will stay with them. You will be building memories with the child and that is something they can carry with them the rest of their days.

Share Something From Your Own Childhood

Can you remember the items that you cherished as a kid? You probably had a few favorite toys that you kept as long as you could before they were tossed aside by parents that were intent on cleaning the house. Consider these types of things when figuring out what you should give the child for a birthday present. Maybe you could offer diecast model cars for a birthday gift. Boys tend to love their cars and they usually don’t grow out of it even when they get into adulthood. These types of gifts would definitely be something that they remember.


Is there anything better than a good book? You probably have a couple favorite books that you have read a dozen times or so through the years. If you choose the book wisely, the child might do the same. However, you don’t have to stop with just one book. Give them a kindle or something similar where they can read as many books as they want on their electronic device. Kids tend to enjoy reading off of their tablet just as much as reading out of a paperbound book.

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