Have You Had It with the Unwanted Phone Calls?

Stop for a minute to think about all the unwanted phone calls you get each month.

While some are wrong numbers, how many would you consider to be annoying marketing calls and the like? Unfortunately, the latter is the case more times than not.

With that being the case, what can you do to lessen or even drop such calls from following you around on a regular basis?

Although officials put in place a system to lessen nagging calls, not some still get through. As such, millions of consumers still get harassed.

So, have you had it with the unwanted phone calls?

Use the Internet to Help Track Down Issues

Depending on how much of an Internet user you are, you could find the web to be a great help in slashing phone calls.

When it comes to going online in researching phone numbers, you can use one of the services out there to help you. Such a service will help you track down where the call or calls are coming from. Remember, a lot of unwanted marketing and sales callers do not always leave a name or whom to call back. As a result, you are stuck getting saddled with call after call.

The web is also good in that you can talk to other consumers on social media. You can compare notes and see how they’re dealing with calls from companies and others.

Last, if you discover a company is in fact bothering you with incessant phone calls, reach out to them. Try to talk to a supervisor etc. with your complaint. Although there is no guarantee that will work, it is worth a try.

Help Yourself Out with Your Actions

Although you don’t always have full control over those looking to call you, you do have some.

For example, are you someone who tends to put your name on many applications? Keep in mind that signing up for this and that can lead to phone calls and emails over a period of time.

Whether you sign-up for credit cards, giveaways, loan info etc. you’re likely to get phone calls as a result. While some of those calls may be one-and-done, others could become annoying over and over again.

If there is a chance someone will want to call you for more info or try and sell you something, don’t sign-up to begin with.

Last, never give out personal information online.

Although commonsense would tell you not to do this, you may find surprise in how many actually end up doing so. When they give out their phone number, it opens them up to a potential landslide of phone calls. Not only that, it can put their safety in jeopardy too. The last thing you want is someone with bad intentions getting a hold of your number.

By doing all you can to stop unwanted phone calls, your life will become a little less annoying.

Well, that is at least until the phone rings again.


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