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How an Insurance Adjuster Can Help When Disaster Strikes

If you are thinking about getting insurance coverage for your property, then chances are, you will check the internet to read reviews and testimonials of those who have bought policies from different insurance companies. You may be surprised to find out that a lot of them are not happy with their insurance providers, stating different issues, from the length of claim processing period to the low settlement they were awarded. All these issues can make you think twice about whether you should get insurance at all. Take note however, that most times, the above-mentioned problems can be resolved when you hire an insurance adjuster.

Hurricane Sandy destruction

Reasons for Hiring an Insurance Adjuster

According to industry experts, a lot of individuals do not know the full extent of entitlements that are covered in their policy. They will let the provider run the whole process, thinking that the insurance company will play fair. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The insurer will prioritize its own interests before the client’s.

When disaster strikes, the insurer will send their adjusters to do an assessment and estimate of losses. Since they represent the insurance company, they are probably not going to reveal to you everything that you are entitled to. Furthermore, depending on the extent and location of the disaster, the insurance company may even send adjusters from other states. They are oftentimes not licensed in your state, and are probably unaware of the actual costs of goods and services in your area, resulting to inaccurate estimates.

So you are at a disadvantage in such situations. Add the stress and frustration caused by the catastrophe and you will most likely agree to whatever the insurer tells you.

What you need to do is to get professional representation from the very start of the process so you will be given everything that is due to you. With your own insurance adjuster, you are protected. It’s important however to hire an adjuster who is also licensed as there are a lot of insurance con artists out there.

Qualities of a Good Insurance Adjuster

The right person to get is someone who is…

  • Knowledgeable. Most of them have worked for insurance companies before. They know what’s happening on the other side of the fence. They know the ins and outs of the system, the processes, and they understand legal terms, so they know how to push for your rights.
  • Hard working. Their fees will sometimes depend on the amount of the total settlement, so the bigger the settlement they win for you, the bigger payout they will get.
  • Detail-Oriented. Their job is to be thorough. They will review the fine print of your policy to determine which points will be to your advantage. They can verify which claims are valid and which are not.

An independent adjuster is after your interest, not the insurance company. He or she will give an honest and straightforward assessment on how much settlement you can claim, what your chances are, how long the process will take, and so on.

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