How Claiming Compensation for a Beauty Treatment Injury can Get You the Help You Deserve

There was a time when we went to a beauty salon and were assured that everything would go as it should. When we look around, however, it seems those days could be in the past – it seems more and more accidents are occurring. The reasons are many. More and more beauty treatments are performed daily, and the beauty industry – whilst seriously on the rise – has not yet been regulated as it should. Furthermore, more and more products are on the market, whilst more and more treatments are being performed by ill-trained staff. Unwanted incidents do happen. Luckily, there is something you can do about it: you can make a claim. Here’s how claiming compensation for a beauty treatment injury can get you the help you deserve.

What are claims for injury?

Claims for injury are submitted when you have suffered some form of damage due to a beauty treatment that has gone wrong. Depending on the treatment, various claims are more common, for example:

  • Hair damage – due to perms, hair straightening (scarring or burning), allergic reactions, etc.

  • Laser treatment – usually done for skin treatment or hair removal. Can cause burning, nerve damage, or eye damage.

  • Tattoos – ink can be injected too deep, or nerve damage and allergic reactions can occur.

  • Piercing – can lead to infections and blood diseases

  • Dermal fillers – used to smoothen out wrinkles can lead to allergic reactions, disfigurement, speech impediments, nerve damage, and emotional distress.

What can be done?

Damage that occurs due to beauty treatments gone wrong is often the result of using inappropriate products, unsafe tools, or a lack of training. It’s important to report it as soon as possible once the symptoms are visible or experienced. Seek medical help, and keep any kind of written record of the incident.

What’s in it for you?

Suffering an injury can make life a lot more difficult for you and your loved ones – and this is not only in physical and medical terms, but regarding psychological and emotional distress as well. Seeking compensation aids in your recovery and helps give you mental support, as well as the financial support you deserve.

The truth is: seeking compensation and making beauty claims is a normal course of action and should be done – always. It’s not just about you and your injury, after all. It’s also about all the others who may be receiving the same treatments (now or in the future) and could possibly sustain the same, or worse, injuries as yours. It’s actually a duty to report and seek compensation. It’s the only way to make sure that unwanted incidents don’t happen in the future and that the industry imposes regulations that safeguard customers. Make your claim; you are certainly entitled to it.

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