How To Choose Marine Carpeting

Boating is an enjoyable hobby that allows you to spend time with family and friends while relaxing on the water. If you are restoring an old boat, then you will find that there are a variety of different types of marine carpet for sale. Replacing the carpeting is not a difficult job if you have the right tools.

How to Install Boat Carpeting

If you decide to install your own carpeting, then you will need the following tools. Determine if you have enough spare time to tackle the job on your own.

-Utility knife or scraper
-Permanent marker
-Straight edge ruler
-Notched trowel
-Sharp scissors
-Drill bits
-Shop vac
-Shop rags
-Vinyl adhesive
-Marine carpet
-Disposable gloves
-Hand tools

The first step is to take careful measurements. Order the carpeting from an online store that specializes in high-quality marine carpeting. Do not throw out the old carpet pieces since you will be using them as patterns for the new carpeting. Remove the old carpeting with hand tools or scrapers. You can also use acetone to remove the glue on stubborn areas. Be sure to read the safety guidelines for using acetone before you begin your project.

How to Choose the Right Carpet

Most marine shops that carry carpeting offer the type that must be glued in place. It is important that you choose marine-grade carpeting since it is made to withstand the sun, weather and moisture conditions. Carpeting for your boat is available in a wide variety of styles and colors. Choose a color that compliments your boat’s interior and trim.

You can also hire someone to install the carpeting for you. Fishing boats that are equipped with wood floors do best with carpeting that is glued down. Vinyl floors do best with carpet that is snapped into place. Considering these two factors will help your carpet last much longer.

Boating Safety Tips

Follow boating safety tips while out on the water. Make sure everyone on board wears a life jacket. Even people who are excellent swimmers need to wear a life jacket. The currents out on a lake or other body of water can be strong at times and overtake even the best swimmers. Keep an eye out for other watercraft while boating. Take a boating course in your area that offers water safety tips.

It is also important that you check the weather before planning your trip. Severe thunderstorms, wind and rain can quickly arise without warning. Be on the lookout for dark clouds while on the water. If the wind picks up, then you should head for shore. Make sure you keep a fire extinguisher on board your boat. Floating devices should also be kept inside your boat.

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