How to Distract Yourself Until Your Urge to Drink Passes

Alcoholism doesn’t discriminate by age or sex. Women and alcoholism is a problem that society faces as a whole. If you’re trying to quit drinking, you know that cravings can come along any time, even when you’ve been sober for a while. It’s important to learn how to handle your alcohol cravings. Alcohol cravings can ruin your sobriety goals, but it’s important to realize that you can get past them without giving in to temptation. Experts say that alcohol cravings can subside after just 15 minutes. Here are some ways to distract yourself until your urge to drink passes.

Go Outdoors

Filling your lungs full of fresh air can greatly reduce or eliminate your urge to drink. When you do something simple such as take a walk in the park or just sit in your backyard, you may instinctively feel like you’re more a part of nature. This might work because alcohol doesn’t really go well with nature. These feelings of being one with nature may work to help you get through a moment of weakness.

Utilize Aromatherapy

There is lots of anecdotal evidence that suggests that aromatherapy may help with alcohol cravings. In fact, with women and alcoholism, aromatherapy might work especially well since women tend to appreciate and enjoy the scents of flowers and herbs. The next time you feel the urge to drink, try burning a scented candle or some fragrant incense. You could also try dropping some peppermint oil or cinnamon sticks into a simmering pot of water on your stovetop for a similar effect.

Get Some Exercise

One of the most effective methods to avoid succumbing to a drinking urge is to engage in some form of exercise. The physical activity will help to take your mind off what you don’t want to be thinking about. Also, just knowing that you’re improving your physical condition may give you extra motivation to resist future alcohol cravings. To facilitate exercising when you have the urge to drink, store your gym bag in an easily accessible location, such as the car or coat closet. That way, it will be ready for you to pick up and get moving as soon as cravings occur. Even if you don’t enjoy going to the gym, you can engage in a fast walk or jog through your neighborhood. It will give you similar results.

The more often you can resist the urge to drink, the better you’ll be able to resist them. Over time, they may even become less frequent. Remember, if you can get through the first 15 minutes using one of these distraction ideas, you’ll stand a better chance of long-term success.



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