How to Increase Your Twitter Followers

Social media doesn’t have to be exhausting. Sometimes, the best tricks take up practically no time at all. If you’re looking to increase your Twitter follower count, here are a few easy ways to do it.

1. Curate great content. You don’t have to create every single thing you put out there. Sometimes, other people do a great job creating content and you can share that with your audience. In the end, the most important thing is that your audience finds the content you share interesting.

2. Prioritize your Twitter marketing. Without enough Twitter followers, you won’t be able to direct a high number of people to your website, where they’ll see your e commerce web design. Always keep your mind on the ultimate goal, which is likely getting more traffic to your site.

3. Don’t worry if growth is slow. Gaining quality followers isn’t a quick scheme. It can take time. However, rest assured that just about every follower you get will be interested in your content. In the end, it’s worth it to go slowly. This is much better than paying for a high number of followers who will never care about the content you Tweet.

4. Only Tweet content that’s related to your niche. This will please your current audience and it will also show potential followers what to expect. When someone who’s considering following you goes through your Tweets, they’ll know exactly what they’ll get if they end up following you.

5. Tag each Tweet with popular hashtags. When you combine quality content with the right hashtags, you’ll see an increase in engagement. Just don’t use more than two or three hashtags in each Tweet. Also, make sure that the hashtags don’t interfere with the readability of the Tweet.

6. Continually increase your presence as an authority figure in your niche. Tweet on the same subject matter, but make sure that specifics vary. For example, if you’re a digital marketer, you may want to Tweet about Twitter tips, but you should make sure they’re different tips every time. Otherwise, you’ll just be recycling the same information, which won’t make you more of an influencer.

7. Use Buffer to schedule a certain number of Tweets for specific days of the week and times of day. Instead of overwhelming your audience with a bunch of Tweets all at once, which can make you quickly lose followers, use Buffer to space out your Tweets throughout the day. Even if you’re going to Tweet ten or more times every day of the week, they’ll be spaced out so they won’t clog your audience’s feed. You can also use third party apps to upload a bunch of Tweets at once, making scheduling that much easier.

No matter how many followers you have at some point, you won’t be able to retain them unless you’re regularly feeding them quality content. Your audience needs to see you as a source of superior content.

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