Influential People : A Factfile on K.P. Yohannan

There are people across the World who are doing some fantastic things in society, from philanthropists to charity workers and missionaries, today we want to take a look at one such person. KP Yohannan has, for almost 60 years dedicated his life to God and to helping people less fortunate. For 40 years K.P. Yohannan has traversed the globe, spreading the word of the Gospel and writing books to teach others about faith and charity. In 1978 Yohannan set up Gospel for Asia, a Christian missionary NGO that has been improving fortunes and changing lives across Asia. Let’s take a deeper look at the man behind this fantastic organization.

Early Life

K.P. Yohannan was born in Kerala, India, he found God at the early age of 8, by the age of 16 he joined an evangelical missionary organization called Operation Mobilization, an group of missionaries who care for people all over the World. Yohannan stayed with the organization for 8 years working throughout India.

In 1974 he moved to the United States to study theology at Criswell Bible Institute in Dallas, Texas where he became the school’s first international student to graduate.

Religious Work

During the time that he was studying for his degree, Yohannan became an ordained clergyman and was the pastor of the Native American Southern Baptist church. He served as pastor here for four years before leaving in 1979 to focus his life on mission work. His organization Gospel for Asia was set up in 1978 and during the first year the organization focused on training missionaries and seeking funding for the program.

Gospel for Asia

Following Yohannan’s decision to leave the church and put his efforts into missionary work, his Christian NGO Gospel for Asia began to steadily grow. The organization first started out with a chapter in Kerala, Yohannan’s home town before branching out in to other areas of India, currently, the organization has missionaries and bible colleges in over 50 countries and operates across a huge portion of Asia, predominantly in the south east. Gospel for Asia is the single largest Christian NGO in the World and its projects help millions of lives each year. The organization focusses on the poorest communities throughout Asia and has programs that are aimed to help children, women, those living in slums and those with leprosy to name just a few. Gospel for Asia educates these people about medicine, hygiene, literacy, numeracy and of course, the Holy Gospel.

Other Endeavors

K.P. Yohannan has written over 200 books that have been published in India and 8 that have been published in the United States. The majority of his work centers around theology and how to seek social change through the word of the Lord. Yohannan’s ‘Revolution in World Missions’ book sold over 2 million copies and is his most successful to date.

Dr.Yohannan currently has a weekly radio show called ‘Road to Reality’ that is broadcast to more than 900 radio stations across the World.

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