Jack Elway: What do college football players need to succeed?

It can be one of the most lucrative careers in the world, with athletes at the very top of their game earning tens of millions of dollars every year. However, to say that NFL is competitive would be a gross understatement. Only the very best get through to the big leagues and even then, it’s hard to sustain success.

Those currently plying their trade in college football have already had a taste of what the sport can offer. However, according to former player Jack Elway, it’s absolutely crucial to keep pushing on.

We spoke to him about his views on what college football players need to succeed in the modern-day game.

The journey is hard; you need to put everything into it

As we have already alluded to, the journey to NFL stardom is difficult to say the least. In fact, the chances of making it to the very top are almightily slim.

This is something that you need to bear in mind before each training session and each competitive game. If you are lucky enough to have been gifted with an abundance of skill, this just won’t be sufficient once you are pitted against other players at the same level. You need effort alongside this skill to really make it worthwhile, and ensure that the results that should fall to you really do occur.

Without the right attitude you are destined to fail

This point links to the previous one we looked at; having the right attitude. It’s not just about approaching each game with effort though; there are plenty of other factors that form a correct attitude.

For example, some players react terribly as soon as the coach decides to drop them from the team. While you might not agree with such a decision, it’s in situations like this in which your reaction really can pave the way for the rest of your career. If you are the type of player who will get on with the job and aim to improve, you have much more chance of success than those who will instead sulk.

Your mental perception is just as important as your physical attributes

Finally, you should never underestimate the power of your mental strength. Sure, NFL players are renowned for their towering physique, and all of the physical skill that they have at their disposal. However, even if your physical attributes are amongst some of the best in the world, it’s all going to be for nothing if you don’t have the mental side to go with it.

In some ways, this can be related to the other issues we’ve discussed, such as dealing with adversity. However, it is probably even more important in relation to mental knowledge of the game. When we refer to this, we’re talking about how you handle certain situations in the game, and how you can predict what is going to happen before your opponent makes the move. All of this tends to come with time, but if you can at least work on it your game will improve notably.

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