Jonah Engler: Why Singles Love Life in New York City

Big cities can be the friendliest of places or the loneliest filled with scammers and those committing fraud. For those who move from smaller towns to larger cities, it is easy to get lost and difficult to make you away. For those like Jonah Engler who live in and have businesses in large cities, they understand these issues and do all they can to accommodate single people.


One city that does an outstanding job in providing benefits for single people is New York City. In fact one often overlooked aspect of New York City life is how attractive it is to singles. There are many reasons why this is the case and here are a few that are the most attractive.

Lots of other eligible singles

Probably the most attractive part of New York City for eligible singles is the fact that there’s so many other eligible singles. The city is so attractive to young up-and-coming professionals that there are literally hundreds of thousands who live in and around the city. New York is known as a great dating city, so they come here to look for dating partners and even to find a significant other.


The city offers a melting pot of cultures and an ability to find whatever style single you like. As result there’s an abundance of every race, color, height, and personality type. If you are looking for singles to hang out with, there is no better city in the country.


Lots of things or singles to do

New York City is full of activities for eligible single. There are everything from singles nights at bars and clubs, singles tours around the city, singles luncheons and breakfasts, and dozens of singles dating services that can put you together with other singles if that is your desire, and there are places that you can go single and not feel out of place.


These include all of the areas of central park, walking through the streets of Manhattan, the museum’s and art galleries that permeate the city, and at the dozens of concerts and festivals that happened throughout the year. There are so many people in the city at all times during the year that you’ll never feel alone.


The best nightlife in the world

Singles generally love to party and New York has a night like that is 7 days a week and active throughout the city. No matter the type of music you like whether it is rock, dance music, R&B or hip-hop, there are clubs and this goes with thousands of singles.


There are also hundreds of lounges, restaurants and 24 hour cafes will you can have a coffee and hang out, you can also do Broadway at night and watch a play or musical with tens of thousands of others who are happily part of the crowd. No matter your taste or preference, New York City nightlife can accommodate any single.


If you are single and want to find a city that caters to you New York is the place.

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