Mack Prioleau Provides Surfing Beginner Tips

Surfing is a sport that many people want to get into. It is a beautiful opportunity to be at one with nature, contemplate the world, and show some skills as well. Surfers like Mack Prioleau, who have been riding the waves for many years, make it look incredibly easy, which it is not. However, that does not mean people can’t learn it. Here, he provides some beginner tips for those who want to consider getting on a board.

Mack Prioleau on the Surfing Learning Curve

Anyone who wants to start surfing has to be realistic about how complex and difficult the sport actually is. This is because each wave is different, which means there isn’t a “playing field” that you can rely on to be the constant. You have to consider swells, tides, winds, and more, each of which will change the waves on a daily basis. The learning process may be challenging, it is also highly enjoyable. Most people know whether it is for them or not when they catch their first wave. Those are also the people who are accepting of the fact that, no matter how good they get, they will always continue to experience wipe outs.

Why the Board Matters

In order to surf properly, you need good equipment. Getting the right board is absolutely vital. The right board is not necessarily the newest or most expensive one out there, however. It is about finding the one with the right rocker and the right volume. The latter is down to the thickness, width, and length of the board and it has to be just right for you.

How to Surf

According to Mack Prioleau, those who want to get into surfing should find their nearest local surf shop and ask for lessons. This is good for the local economy, for starters, but also means you get real knowledge from real people with real experience.

Choosing a Surf Spot

Once you have your board and your local surf school, you have to pick a spot. The spot is important because it will give you either a fantastic or a terrible experience. Some surfers believe the beach break is the safest and therefore best place to start. That is true to a degree, as sand is safer than coral reefs or rocks. However, it isn’t just about the break. It is about the sea’s condition, the currents, that day’s weather, the condition of the waves, and more. You may have to pick a new spot each time you go, therefore.

Have a Buddy

If at all possible, you should have a friend who is more advanced at surfing than you. They will have learned from experience and will happily share their experience with you. They will also be able to demonstrate the various surf ethics that you have to be aware of. Those are important unwritten rules that all good surfers all over the world follow.

With the above and a lot of time and patience, you too will be able to enjoy surfing.

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