Marketing Trends to Use in 2019

Technology continues to evolve. In order for marketing campaigns to be successful in modern markets, they must use current trends and innovative technologies. Technology continues to shape the world of marketing; however, a foundation based on intimate and authentic customer relationships remains constant. Marketing campaigns that use technology without clear customer objectives are ineffective. Marketing campaigns in 2019 must use current trends and technologies to reach contemporary markets and audiences. Insight from marketing professionals, such as Mark Crumpacker is a great resource for making sure your campaigns are customer oriented and up to date with current trends. Here are three marketing strategies to think about this year.

Video Content

In 2019, video content is a necessary component of any marketing campaign. B2B and B2C companies alike must create video content. If your marketing strategies lack video content, you are behind the curve. People are overloaded with visual content on a daily basis. It is imperative that your content stands out as consumers have limited time and access to a multitude of visual content. When creating video content it is important that you choose the appropriate length and message to engage your target audience. This vital resource can be used to the marketer’s advantage for generating leads.

Artificial Intelligence

Implementing artificial intelligence into marketing strategies is imperative for those wishing to stay ahead of the competition. This evolving technology is transforming the world of marketing. AI provides advanced analytics into customer behaviors. The highly accurate data gathered from AI allows marketers to group customers into similar groups and design personalized product interactions. Storytelling is the lifeblood of marketing- artificial intelligence allows customers to experience the story of products in a three dimensional way. The technology blurs the line between the physical and the digital. For example, consumers could see what makeup would look like on their face or what their walls would look like before committing to a paint color. AI is an extremely valuable tool for taking your marketing strategies to the next level.

Social Media Influencers and Stories

While social media is not a new marketing tactic, it is imperative to keep up with current trends that evolve in this medium. Social media influencers and “stories” have become increasingly popular mechanisms for engaging consumers and reaching broader audiences. Social media influencers provide relatable “characters” in the story of your product. With notable and dedicated followers, these users capture the essence of a lifestyle or market and can be used as a key resource for reaching large audiences. Additionally, stories provide short snippets that promote brand authenticity and customer participation.

Marketing is a dynamic industry. Strategies must constantly adapt to evolving trends and technologies. At the base of successful marketing tactics lies powerful and effective storytelling. In 2019, marketers must use new tools and trends to create powerful product stories and interactions. Artificial intelligence, social media, and visual content are all growing and powerful mediums to use in your marketing strategies this year. Marketing professionals are great tools for ensuring marketing strategies use technology without losing sight of building authentic customer relationships.


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