Mistakes to Avoid When Planning the Office Christmas Party

So you are in charge of planning the holiday party at your workplace this year? The office Christmas party can be a great event to look forward to where you can have fun and unwind with the people you work with. However, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid when you are planning the holiday Christmas party.

Holding the Party at the Office

No one wants to have a party at the office, as it is somewhere that they associate work. The reward for a long year of work should not be another night in the office – it should be somewhere else. It’s hard to create the fun party atmosphere in an office environment, so the event will be a lot more fun if it is held at a restaurant, hotel or other event venue. For example, there are many great hotels in Cheshire that offer bookings for holiday parties and will create an excellent atmosphere.

Having the Party on a Week Night

Don’t have your office Christmas party on a Monday or Tuesday night! Everyone will not be able to stay out late and enjoy themselves, because they will need to get up for work the next day. A Friday or a Saturday night is ideal, but make sure that you let people know in advance because their schedules will be busy during the holiday season.

Not Securing the Venue Early Enough

When it comes to booking your holiday party it is very important to reserve the venue as quickly as possible. The best venues will be very popular during the holiday season and they might be fully booked on every weekend throughout December. If you leave it too late, you might find yourself with nowhere to host your party.

Booking the Entertainment Too Late

Another major mistake is procrastinating when booking the entertainment. Many of the big name entertainers will be booked in advance for all of the main holidays, so if you want to get a famous performer you will need to contact them as soon as possible. Some companies have even learned to line up their act the year before so that they can be sure to have the best entertainment.

Having Bad or Boring Entertainment

Put some thought and effort into choosing the entertainment for your Christmas party. If you get a performer who is boring or not very good, it will ruin the atmosphere of the entire night. Try to think outside the box when you choose entertainment – perhaps you could hire belly dancers, acrobats, a magician, an improv troupe or a stand-up comedian. Remember – if you book early you will get the best choices of acts.

Not Offering Good Drinks for Designated Drivers

Don’t forget that some guests of the party will not be drinking, perhaps because they don’t drink or perhaps because they are the designated driver for the evening. Don’t forget to make sure that these non-alcoholic drinkers also have fun and interesting drinks available. You could offer non-alcoholic egg nog, fruit punch, sparkling juice, winter themed coffee and tea or even hot chocolate.

Choosing an Open Bar

An open bar can sound like a nice gesture, but at an office party it is a recipe for disaster. It has the potential of leading to your employees getting too drunk and doing embarrassing things that they regret. The morning after the office Christmas party will be a lot less awkward if everyone drinks sensibly and is not cringing about what they did while extremely intoxicated the night before.

Forgetting the Staff

The Christmas party is the perfect opportunity to thank your staff, so make sure that you make an announcement about how hard everyone has worked and what the team has achieved over the past year. You can even give away prizes, gifts and incentives to show your employees how much you appreciate them. By giving your employees encouragement and recognition you will motivate them to be more productive.

These are just a few major mistakes to avoid when you are planning your Christmas party in Chester or anywhere else! With a little bit of careful thought and planning you can put together the best possible party and make sure that all of your employees have a fantastic time.

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