Must-Have Items for a Successful Teen Driver

Your teen has started driving, and it’s about to drive you crazy with worry, right? The only thing you can really do now is try to help them be as prepared as possible. Getting them some items to feel safe and prepared will give you some much-needed relief.

Wireless Car Camera

This one is an amazing must-have tool. A wireless car camera helps your teen know if there is anything behind them and provides a sense of security knowing you will be able to see behind. Find one that has a wide angle view and calibrates easily.

Emergency Road Kit

Depending on where you live, add items as needed that will help your teen be safe and prepared. A robust roadside kit should include jumper cables, a tool kit, a flashlight with extra batteries, a compass, reflective material to help make the car more noticeable, duct tape, nonperishable food, and water. You can also include a car charger for a phone, a rain poncho, and materials for your area like a blanket if you live in a cool area or sunscreen if you live in a hot area. Check to make sure your teen’s car has a spare tire and that it is at the proper levels. If not, include that in the roadside kit as well.

First Aid Kit

You won’t know that you need a first-aid kit until you need it. Many stores sell kits already put together, which is a great option. If you do your own, make sure to include gauze, tape, bandages, antibiotic ointment, aspirin, non-latex gloves, scissors, tweezers, and an instant cold compress. You can also add any other medications your teen needs and maybe even some cough drops and common cold medicines just in case.

Tire Gauge

Teach them how to use a tire gauge and check their car’s user manual to find out what the correct pressure all of their tires should be inflated to. Keep it in a convenient place for them to access it. When showing them how to use the gauge, take the time to show them where the spare is and how to use it in case a tire goes flat.

Ice Scraper/Sunshades

The weather has a big effect on how safe it is for you teen to drive, so make sure they have these essentials to make the car more safe. Keep an ice scraper in the car even in warmer weather just in case the car gets frost in the mornings or you need to wipe off any water. Also make sure they know how to use a sunshade and remind them to use it if they park the car in a warm area during the day so the inside of the car doesn’t burn up.

Car Organizer

To keep driving the car, make sure your teen knows they need to keep it clean. If it’s in your budget, you could include a car wash pass and tell them to use it. Organizational items can keep everything together and well-kept. This could include a special bag for insurance, registration, etc. Find a place for wipes, napkins, and a dry rag to keep the car clean.

All You Need Is A Driver’s License!

These items will help you and your teen feel more safe and confident on the road. Develop a relationship of trust so that your teen feels comfortable asking you questions and you feel comfortable helping them learn how to be the safest driver possible. Now all you need to do is make sure they have their driver’s license and your new driver will be ready to hit the road confidently and safely!







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