Nenadi Usman on Choosing Political Leaders for the Average Nigerian

Nigeria is a country of conflict. Believed to be one of the richest countries on the continent with the fastest growing economy, it is also known for its significant governmental corruption. So much so, in fact, that it seems to have disillusioned Nigerian youths, which is something Nenadi Usman wants to address as a matter of urgency. She aims to change the face of Nigerian politics not just by doing away with the corruption and the corrupt, but by re-engaging youth into the political process. As a former teacher herself, she knows how to connect with young people and understands how to make the grasp pride, dignity, and honesty. Mainly, she believes that they are the change agents her country so badly needs.

Nenadi Usman on Nigerian Corruption

According to Usman, one of the greatest problems in her country is that politicians are often seemingly afraid to stand up for their own ideologies, for the things they believe are right. One of the reasons for that is because so few politicians have a clear political philosophy. In America, for instance, people are by and large either a Democrat or a Republican. In the United Kingdom, people are either Labour or Conservative. Yes, there are other, small parties that have some political backing, but there is mainly a two party system.

This is where Nenadi Usman wants to bring in real change. She wants people to know exactly what she stands for, so that they also know what they are voting for. But mainly, she wants to make sure that the youth has something they can believe in, and something they can align themselves with. This, she believes, is what will make Nigeria reach its full potential.

Modern day Nigeria is home to too many people who have true wealth, and who have used this only to benefit themselves and their direct family members. They have not invested in building their country’s future but have only investing in building their own mansions. Nenadi Usman believes this should stop. She believes investments should be made in young people, in their education, and in their desire to do more for themselves and for their country. She also believes that this transcends all the different tribal and religious differences in her country and is in fact the thing that unites everybody: a genuine desire to make Nigeria as great as it can be.

Young people in Nigeria are looking towards Usman as someone who represents them. She goes beyond the tribe or region they are from and addresses everybody as Nigerians, placing them on an equal footing. Her focus is strongly on the youths, because they are the ones who will continue to build on the foundations that are being laid today. Those foundations, with their help and the commitment of people like Nenadi Usman, have the potential to be the strongest Nigeria, or any African nation for that matter, has ever seen before.

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