New to Denver? Health Concerns that Shouldn’t Concern You!

As one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, Denver sees more than its fair share of new residents each and every year. However, the Mile High City does have a few odd quirks when it comes to your health, but experts say it is nothing that should concern you. In fact, some of what you might experience is perfectly normal and those who were born and raised here aren’t going to present with the same symptoms simply because they are acclimated to the altitude and aridity. Even some that use Capital Resorts Group say that it is hard to deal with altitude.

Being new, and perhaps not forewarned, you might be a bit concerned by some of these ‘symptoms.’ Not to worry! They’re perfectly normal and may pass on their own, or with the aid of a supplement or two. Let’s look at why some new residents get a bit concerned about their health when they first relocate to Denver.

An Overwhelming Feeling of Drowsiness

When first relocating to Denver, the first thing you might experience is an overwhelming feeling of drowsiness. Natives will tell you that it’s the lack of oxygen which is normal in higher altitudes. It’s a fact that the higher up in altitude you go, the less oxygen will be in the atmosphere. Remember? There is a point way, way up where there is no air whatsoever, so there is nothing new in this, right? The only thing which need concern you is that you should take it easy until you become acclimated to breathing fewer molecules of that life-giving element.

Lack of Oxygen and HGH in a Portion of the Population

The number one result of too little oxygen is drowsiness, so if you slow it down a step or two, you’ll soon be feeling ‘normal’ again. However, just imagine how those beyond a certain age feel when their bodies stop producing sufficient levels of HGH, Human Growth Hormone? This lack of HGH is also known to cause drowsiness so this portion of the population gets a double whammy. Here the advice is twofold. Take it easy and talk to your doctor about injections. By taking it slowly in the Mile High City and giving your body back some of that compound that helps you feel your youngest, you can soon have all the energy you thought you left behind, and more as well.

There Is No PC Way to Say This!

There really isn’t a politically correct way to mention the other major symptom many people experience when they move to Denver, so the best course of action is simply to get it over with! Because of the aridity (extremely dry air) most new residents also have an overwhelming need to pick their noses! On any day, take a look around you when you are out and about. Chances are you will see several people picking their noses and upon closer inspection you’ll see their auto tags read Miami-Dade, (at sea level) Florida or Southern Texas or Los Angeles. The sudden change from warm, humid air to extremely dry air tends to dry out the nasal mucous membranes and the natural reaction is to pick at it.

Don’t worry, a nasal spray will work wonders and here, again, you might get acclimated to the dryer air after a very short time. The best advice is to take it slowly until you do feel a bit more energetic and before long, you’ll be among the most active people in the US just like those who have lived here for many years. You might be lacking HGH but a simple injection can solve that and as for the thinner air? All things in due time! You’ll get used to it one day at a time.

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