Great Gift Ideas For That Upcoming Occasion

Gifts can be tricky things to buy, especially if you want to give gift that the recipient is going to love and not just something which ends up as a door stop. In order to get the perfect gift you really need to now as much as you can about the person that you are buying for but even if you don’t, there are some gifts which are loved by the majority of people and we have put together some ideas for you so that you can get that perfect gift for an upcoming occasion. Give the Gift of Food Whoever Read more [...]
Children saying Thank You at donation center or yard sale

Want to be a More Charitable Person? Here’s How

One of the most personally rewarding things that you can do is to help others and thankfully we live in a World where this is actively encouraged. All people of faith are encouraged to live a life that sees them help others and even those without faith are taught from a very young age to be nice to each other.   Unfortunately for many of us, we get embroiled in our busy lives and forget to make the time to help one another. This is not something that most of us consciously do,it is just something Read more [...]

Are These The Greatest Electric Guitarist That Ever Lived?

I was recently chatting to my buddy Tom Hess guitar player and a great guitar teacher and we got to talking about the lists of the greatest guitar players ever. You see these lists a lot from the likes of Rolling Stone magazine and they are always contentious, I suppose when it comes down to it, each of us have different ideas about what makes a great guitar player. With that in mind, I wanted to put together my favorite all time electric guitarists, and those that I think are the greatest of all Read more [...]
congo poverty

Ending poverty forever – how to get it done

Many people have come to believe that the poor are at fault for their standing in life. If you think people want to suffer through a life of depravity, you are sorely mistaken, as many of the decisions the poor have to make on a regular basis are ones you wouldn't ever want to make yourself. Some are so turned off by these injustices, they feel obligated to do all they can to help turn their fortunes around. Larry Pohill Cafe Valley has used much of his free time in recent years to help the Read more [...]

Making the team: how to participate in college varsity sports

Making the roster of a varsity college team may seem like an impossible dream, but for those with a big heart, it is possible if they are willing to commit to it. Jack Elway managed to make a varsity college team without his heart being in the game, so if you are prepared to work harder than you ever have in your life, you can land a spot of the roster of a college varsity team. Ready to fight for an experience that will make your college years unforgettable? Here's the blueprint that can help Read more [...]

Joshua Manocherian – The Benefits of Eating Organic Food

There are many reasons that food professionals like Joshua Manocherian make the conscious choice to serve locally-produced organic food to their customers.  For many people unfamiliar with the benefits of eating organic, the idea may seem like little more than a fad designed to separate gullible consumers from their money.  However, there are undeniable benefits that come with the choice eat organic products which make them well-worth the sometimes higher price tag.  Here are just a few.   Health There Read more [...]

Jonathan Lauter MD – How to Support Your Depressed Teen

Parenting a typical teen has never been an easy task – and it may be the case that parenting has become even more complicated as our teens struggle to navigate a world that is very different from the one that we grew up in ourselves.  The incredible reach of technology into the lives of most teenagers today is a mixed blessing.  While it allows us to be in contact with our teens with the push of a button, it also makes it possible for bullies and sexual predators to follow your teen home at night.  Read more [...]

Elan Vacations – Know What to Expect When You Arrive at Your Vacation Rental

More and more people are considering vacation rentals rather than traditional hotel options when planning their vacations.  Vacation rentals offer many advantages over hotels – not only can you usually find more affordable vacation homes suitable for larger families, but you can also work with vacation rental specialists like Elan Vacations to arrange a vacation in the most luxurious homes in the area.  At the same time, vacations spent in private vacation homes may require a bit more planning Read more [...]

Tips For Your Day To Keep The Dentist Away

I absolutely despise going to the dentist and I always have, it is for this reason that I work so hard to keep my teeth healthy and my visits to my dentist Peter Spennato DDS to an absolute minimum. I can’t decide what I dislike most, perhaps the smell, the drilling or all of that prodding around, not to mention how much I hate having pain in my teeth, it takes over my whole body. If you feel the same as me and are not the biggest fan of going to the dentist then you need to ensure that you are Read more [...]

Building NY’s Lincoln Tunnel – An Underwater Marvel

How do you build a transportation project that has to support more than 150,000 trips per day, all under water and be operating 100% effectively through New York’s harsh winters and brutal summers with no loss of efficiency or increased risk to the people using it? Slowly and with a team of committed experts. That’s how New York’s Holland Tunnel was built. Soon after the Port Authority of NY & NJ acquired the Holland Tunnel in 1930, New York and New Jersey authorized the agency to build Read more [...]