7 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

Becoming eco-friendly isn’t just a fad, it’s a must. With reports of global temperatures quickly rising, we’ve all got to do our part — and the easiest place to start is at home.   Here are 7 Ways to Turn Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning Supplies One of the easiest ways to turn your bathroom eco-friendly? Get rid of the harsh cleaning chemicals and opt for natural instead. It’s highly effective, earth-friendly, and safe. We like to use essential oils mixed with white Read more [...]

5 Tips to Protect Your Home

Home fire accidents are a very common occurrence and each year thousands of people are affected by them. Not only do these result in extensive property damage, but they can also lead to fatalities. As matter of fact numerous people become affected by house fire-related burns and injuries. But it’s possible to reduce the occurrence of this fire by following a few tips to protect our homes:   Preventing fires in the kitchen   Always stay by your microwave/gas when any food Read more [...]

Calvary Houston talk about how the bible is inspired by God

For somebody new to religion, the notion that the bible might be "inspired" by God is something that's difficult to learn. It's something that's difficult to comprehend and for some people, it's only something that starts to become clarified following years of religious practice. This is a subject that Calvary Houston know plenty about. Bearing this in mind, we have tapped into their knowledge to find out what it really means to hear that the bible is inspired by God, and the various examples Read more [...]

Online Trading Academy Reviews the Pros and Cons of Trading Online

Direct access trading (DAT) is gaining in popularity very rapidly, as it enables more people to access the financial markets. Mutual funds, Forex currencies, ETFs, options, futures, bonds, and stocks can all be traded online nowadays. However, it is important to understand that online trading, DAT, is very different from traditional trading. It also requires very different practices. This is why Online Trading Academy reviews the pros and cons of engaging in DAT, so that more people can make an informed Read more [...]

Why you Are Never Too Old For Travel

Each summer for the last three years, my buddy Yigang Tang and myself have spent between 2 and 3 weeks traveling around the USA. I love to explore this great nation and each trip we have taken has been entirely different from the one before, such is the variety which we have here. Last year when I got back from my trip, I was chatting to a work colleague who passed a comment which infuriated me, he said that he was too old to go traveling.   I believe that the reason why my colleague thought Read more [...]

How to Save Money Traveling

Traveling or being away on holiday can sometimes sound pretty daunting, especially on your wallet.  Thousands of people’s life dreams are to travel the world but unfortunately not everyone will explore that dream over fears of costs being too much.  Don’t get me wrong there are going to be some costs involved but there are many different ways that you can cut those costs and fulfill your lifelong dream.  Below I have included some tips that can help you cut down the costs of traveling and Read more [...]
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Why Your Business Needs To Be Active On Social Media

In this day and age, there is absolutely no reason for a small business not to be active on social media. I spend a he amount of tie with young businesses and even some older businesses who are looking to find success, and the first thing that I will ask them is which social media channels they use for their business. Far too many times when I ask is question, I am met by strange looks and vacant expressions. For this reason I wanted to write a post for all of you business owners out there that are Read more [...]

Top Foods You Have to Try In Mexico

Mexican food has been one of my favorites for many years, but it wasn’t until I actually came to Mexico that I released that it was way better than I could have dreamed of. Many foods are bastardized when they leave their home country and are exported abroad, and Mexican food is most definitely one of them. This is not to say that the US version of Mexican food is bad, on the contrary in fact, but it pales in comparison to the real deal which you can eat south of the border. My buddy S R Buzzi Read more [...]

Are You Made of The Stuff to Survive in Business?

Owing in part to a smarter younger generation than previously, and also thanks to the rise of the internet and the additional ease which it has brought with it, there are more businesses being created each year, than ever before. Whilst you could argue that this is healthy, so many young men and women looking at creating their own successful enterprise, it has also created a fierce environment where only the strong can survive.   With so many people dreaming of the kind of business success that Read more [...]

Nenadi Usman on Choosing Political Leaders for the Average Nigerian

Nigeria is a country of conflict. Believed to be one of the richest countries on the continent with the fastest growing economy, it is also known for its significant governmental corruption. So much so, in fact, that it seems to have disillusioned Nigerian youths, which is something Nenadi Usman wants to address as a matter of urgency. She aims to change the face of Nigerian politics not just by doing away with the corruption and the corrupt, but by re-engaging youth into the political process. As Read more [...]