Infor, Charles Phillips and Software as a Service

Since Charles Phillips became CEO of Infor, it has grown to a reported 2,750 SaaS (Software as a Service) customers. Of these, at least 1,600 have converted their licensed software applications to cloud application instead. They have done this through the UpgradeX program, which Charles Phillips has spearheaded. According to Infor, the statistics on the health of the company are incredibly good. They have reported that, of the 2,750 customers: 25% use ERP, which are mission critical financial Read more [...]

CRE: The superbug that spreads across the country

Visit any hospital in the country and you probably wouldn't be the only person who believed there were an excessively high number of hand hygiene terminals. This is proving to be one of the main ways in which hospitals are attempting to stop infections in their tracks, and stop superbug epidemics that were once plastered all over the news. Of course, it's not just hand hygiene. If you were to delve into hospital policies, you'd see pages and pages of new procedures that have to be adhered to in Read more [...]
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How To Choose A Great Reputation Management Company

Since you are reading this article, you are surely aware of how important reputation management is for any business. Reputation is so easy to lose and incredibly hard to gain these days because of the huge competition that appears in practically all industries. In various cases professional help will be necessary. It is not at all easy to find someone that can help you to properly manage reputation in both the online and offline world. However, choosing a reputation management company is something Read more [...]

Making property liens easy

In the complicated world of property liens, it can be very difficult to make sure you receive the money you are owed if you haven’t prepared the legal documents carefully. As you might imagine, there are thousands of companies out there who need to file liens on properties but don’t have the requisite knowledge to be able to do so in the correct manner, from filling out the forms to registering it with the correct professional body. Thankfully, if you’re struggling with preparing a property Read more [...]

Nail it with Fantastic Online Nail Suppliers!

Whether you’re a carpenter in need of regular supplies of materials, or you’re dabbling in DIY, you’re always going to need a good quality supplier of materials. Whatever it is you need, if you need it regularly you are bound to want to be able to rely on a supplier regularly and without fuss. If you’re frequently need to search online for copper nails then you might as well have a go to site to save you time. Of course, if you have that sort of need for carpentry supplies, then it’s Read more [...]

Main Advantages Of Getting A New Car Loan

When faced with financial difficulties people from all around the world start worrying too much. It is very important that you understand that there are options available and there are financial institutions that can help you get out of the jam you are in. Have patience and do try to relax. Learn as much as you can about the opportunities available. One of them that is taken into account by those that need money fast to deal with some unexpected financial problems is the new car loan. That is what Read more [...]

The best freelance career opportunities

Few people consider a job to be for life anymore, they prefer to move from company to company and change their role every two to four years. However, others are thinking of the long-term and are keen to do just one kind of job for the rest of their working life. The difference is that they are not working for one person, but a whole host of employers. They have decided, in short, to go freelance. Freelancing Freelancing is when a self-employed individual invoices their clients directly, administering Read more [...]

How Do You Know Whether Copper Is Real?

A lot of people use copper for a variety of different things. From copper artwork to copper nails and copper cables, it is a staple metal in our lives. Copper is also incredibly valuable nowadays and this has opened up the market for a lot of fake copper as well. So how can you tell whether a piece of copper you hold is really copper and not an alloy or, even worse, a piece of plastic? The Color First of all, copper is reddish brown. If it is an alloy, such as brass, the color will be a lot more Read more [...]

Protecting Your Garden This Summer

Now that summer is well underway, many of those living in North Wales will be taking the opportunity to venture out into the garden, where we’ll be able to get down to the business of weeding, pruning, planting and mowing – in order to ensure that the place is as pleasant to inhabit as possible. But while many of us devote considerable care and thought to how good our gardens might look, few of us expend the same mental energy thinking about issues of security. And this is a mistake, since the Read more [...]

How Do Infrared Heaters Compare to Traditional Ones in a Sauna?

People who care about their health and want to both look and feel better, will often use saunas. Saunas offer fantastic health benefits, something that has been known for a very long time. From their humble, hole in the ground, beginnings, they have come a very long way. Today, you can even get an infrared sauna heater. However, this has caused people to ask whether that actually offers the same health benefits or not. A Brief History Saunas have been known to have health and therapeutic benefits Read more [...]