Scott Beale Aviation expert discusses the first flight by the Wright Brothers in 1902

Scott Beale, aviation aficionado and professional and expert in the field of aviation is also a first class business man and entrepreneur. Scott  Beale, who is very interested in ADI aviation, here discusses the first flight near Kitty Hawk in North Carolina. The first flight was made by the Wright brothers Orville and Wilbur. The first successful craft to take to the skies was their creation. Powered by gasoline it was a propeller driven biplane. It managed to stay in the air for 12 seconds and Read more [...]
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What to do on your vacation to Big Bear and your stay at Five Star Vacation Rentals

Considering a family vacation in Big Bear California well look no further than the properties provided by Kevin and Maria Cobb and their rentals at Five Star Vacation Rentals. Their business showcases beautiful premium properties which pay attention to every detail and they need to be seen to be believed. Chill in the pool or spa, play pool or ping pong with the children whilst you are cooking on the barbecue. If there is anything you need give Kevin and Maria Cobb of Newport Beach a call and they Read more [...]
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Positive Ammcor Reviews highlight just how beautiful their homes are in San Clemente

The most obvious and fundamental way to become a successful HOA property management company is by offering outstanding properties. Ammcor is an HOA property management company with over 15,000 phenomenal homes in Orange County; it really does offer something for everyone. This is often reflected in the extremely positive Ammcor reviews and ratings received on its website.  With almost 40 years’ experience in HOA property management and real estate they also have some other keys to their success.   HOA Read more [...]
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Jeffrey Mohlman on Adaptive Reuse of Old Buildings and Warehouses

Jeffrey Mohlman has always been fascinated by large scale recycling. While he values the importance of people separating their trash, reusing what they can, and driving ecofriendly vehicles, he is more interested in the big things. More specifically, he is interested in what is known as “adaptive reuse”. In fact, Mohlman believes there is also a lot of capital to be found in this, which is evident from the fact that various securities firms are now looking into it. Jeffrey Mohlman on Adaptive Read more [...]

Dan Purjes Looks at the Current Wildfires Sweeping Through California

The fact that Southern California is on fire is global news. The New York Times has run on it as a main story for weeks now and it seems unstoppable. Suddenly, news about the latest investment asset or fund on Wall Street is taking second place. Even the big investors from NYC and Rockwood, such as Dan Purjes, McTague, and Barrons, have taken second place. It is now all about the final list of wild fires and were things will go. Dan Purjes on the California Wildfires So far, one of the biggest Read more [...]

Mack Prioleau Provides Surfing Beginner Tips

Surfing is a sport that many people want to get into. It is a beautiful opportunity to be at one with nature, contemplate the world, and show some skills as well. Surfers like Mack Prioleau, who have been riding the waves for many years, make it look incredibly easy, which it is not. However, that does not mean people can’t learn it. Here, he provides some beginner tips for those who want to consider getting on a board. Mack Prioleau on the Surfing Learning Curve Anyone who wants to start Read more [...]

Dayanna Volitich on the Five Elements of Paganism

Dayanna Volitich is one of the many people in this country who openly identifies as pagan. Now that witches are no longer burnt at the stake, people have been empowered to practice their religion as they see fit. Paganism is a very inclusive type of religion and not a dogmatic one. Indeed, it is about everybody’s personal and individual experience with the Goddess and with nature. It is also strongly based on five important elements.   Dayanna Volitich Explains the Elements of Paganism   Most Read more [...]

A cure for age? Why people pursue anti-aging treatments

From the time of the earliest human civilizations to the present, we have shown a persistent fascination with the possibility of slowing or even turning back the effects of aging. This persistent pursuit of the miracle anti-aging cure has led to a range of bizarre and in some cases dangerous cures as well as a few useful discoveries. The history of anti-aging treatments goes back to the ancient world. Legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra was reputed to take daily milk baths in order to preserve Read more [...]

What to Look for If You Want to Open a Bitcoin IRA

If you want to open a bitcoin IRA, then it is very important that you find a company that can offer you the best solution for your needs and budget. Because both cryptocurrencies and the concept of investing in them I still very new, it can be a little bit difficult to choose the right firm as there is so little to compare them against. However, there are three characteristics in particular that you should look for. 3 Elements of a Good Company with Which to Open a Bitcoin IRA  Their ratings. Read more [...]

An expat’s guide to education abroad

If you are planning on relocating overseas with your family, then choosing the education your children will get there is an important consideration. Depending on which country you will be living in, the education options and system may be very different from what you are used to. Of course, the choice you make will have a major impact on your child’s life, so you need to make sure it is the correct one. In general terms, the key really is to find out as much information as you can about the Read more [...]
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