Paying a Low Rate for High Value Property is Now Possible

As you search for a place to live in, your first consideration is the price. You want a beautiful and comfortable place, but you also don’t want to be in a place that will suck up almost all of your salary. As a result, you might have to settle for places that are good enough, but are not really satisfying. These are the only places that you can afford and so you have no choice but to go for it.

Before you feel defeated and go for a place that is good enough even if you don’t necessarily like it, you have to understand that there are other options available for you. For instance, you can go for a vacant property in which the owner is looking for stay-in guardians. If you happen to find one, your responsibility is to be the caretaker of the place while living in the place at the same time.

A unique setup

You might not have heard of this arrangement before, but it actually works. The process is very simple. You just have to agree with the terms and conditions. You have to take care of the place and stay there for as long as you and the owner agree. You still have to pay for the rent, but the amount is extremely low. You won’t believe you can stay in such a high value property for the price of a small studio flat.

The reason why these owners are looking for stay-in guardians is that they also have other properties or they reside in another place. Instead of just letting the place be left unattended, they would rather allow someone to stay there and pay a low rent, provided that the person can take care of everything.

A good situation for you

You might hesitate about agreeing to this arrangement at first. You think that you are taking care of the place and you are still asked to pay. But you have to understand the market value of the place. You would not be paying the amount that actual tenants would pay. Besides, being a caretaker is just like cleaning and maintaining your own house. Even if you are searching for other places, you would have to do the same thing.

Search for the best vacant property for you to be a caretaker of and enjoy your stay there. Since the owner does not go there often, you will surely feel like you own the place. Go ahead and enjoy this experience and make the most out of it. In the event that you wish to leave, you just have to give advance notice and make the necessary arrangements.

Image via (Stuart Miles)

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