Proven health benefits of coffee – Know why you should drink a cup everyday

Do you think you can ever find a person in this world who has never tried a cup of coffee? It is something that is consumed everywhere and if you consider the number of Starbucks locations within the US alone, you will be more than sure that we simply love our caffeine. Americans are simply proud of their habit of drinking coffee and that’s fine for them. You will be rather happy to note that there are many benefits of being one among the 55% of the Americans above the age of 18 years who drink coffee everyday. You might not have known that coffee could be amazing for your skin, brain and body. Read on the concerns of this article to know more on the health benefits of coffee.

  1. Coffee is rich in antioxidants: As per a study which was done in the year 2005, it was seen that there’s nothing else which comes closer to providing antioxidants as coffee. While vegetables and fruits have tons of antioxidants but it has also been seen that the human body absorbs the most antioxidants from coffee.
  2. Smelling coffee can make you less stressed: Researchers at the Seoul National University surveyed that the brains of those rats which were sleep-deprived and when they were exposed to the aromas of coffee, experienced changes to the proteins of the brain that are tied to stress. This doesn’t result to positive effect resulting from normal stress but only as a result of stress induced by sleep-deprivation. Hence, if you can only smell coffee, that will make you less stressed.
  3. Lessens symptoms of Parkinson’s: It was reported in 2012 that drinking coffee might help people who are suffering from Parkinson’s disease control the way they move. Studies reveal that people who use caffeine are much less likely to suffer from this disease and it also reveals that caffeine can help you with symptoms of movement for people who have already developed this disease.
  4. Coffee is great for your liver: A study which was published in 2006 included 130,000 people showed that people who drink at least a cup of coffee a day were less vulnerable to diseases like liver cirrhosis, which is an auto-immune disease that is caused due to excessive consumption of alcohol. Hence, consuming coffee seems to act as a protection against cirrhosis of liver and the more coffee a person drinks, the lesser will be his chances of being hospitalized due to alcoholic issues.
  5. You will feel happier by drinking coffee: A study by National Institute of Health found that all those who drink 4 or more cup of coffee were much less likely to feel depressed due to any reason. You might think that this is because of the caffeine high effect as Coke also has high caffeine but it isn’t linked to anti-depression effects. So, if you wish to just feel good, you can drink coffee.
  6. Reduces chances of skin cancer: Over a period of 20 years, it was found out that women who drink coffee everyday had very less chances of developing skin cancer than those who never have tried coffee. You can overall have a good skin than those who don’t take coffee.

Therefore, if you wish to obtain good health, you can drink a good cup of coffee so that you can reap the above mentioned benefits. You may also try taking best quality coffee capsules so that you can reduce the time of making this effective beverage for yourself.

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