Real estate deals of the rich and famous

Just like all other aspects of their daily lives, it’s more fun to view real estate transactions through the eyes of the rich and famous.

From small but well-appointed condos, to sprawling mansions and estates, the personal living quarters of our society’s elite are beyond the imaginations of most people.

In this post, we will not only tell you about the transactions that have taken place between the world’s most successful people, but everything that can be found within the walls of their fabulous properties.

1) Mumford & Sons guitarist buys a loft in NYC

The British pop folk band Mumford & Sons have become known for their intense shows in New York City, with the one at the Hammerstein Ballroom making an appearance in the music video for their song, Roll Away Your Stone.

Winston Marshall, banjoist and lead guitarist for the band, loves NYC as equally as his fans love his epic solos. As such, he picked up a stripped down loft in Nolita for $3.2 million dollars back in June of 2015.

Real estate agent Sandra Balan found this beauty for him, which has tons of space and exposed brick walls, the latter of which gives this Manhattan apartment plenty of character.

2) Miley Cyrus buys a ranch in Hidden Hills

The last thing that you would expect someone as wild and free as Miley Cyrus to do would be to buy a home. However, she took a step recently to establish some roots in the LA area by buying a ranch in the gated community of Hidden Hills.

Costing a cool five million, this estate sits on a parcel of land that spans over over five acres. It comes with a climate-controlled wine cellar, a gorgeous swimming pool and spa, horse stables, a chicken coop, an orchard filled with citrus trees, and a vineyard stocked with premium wine grapes. Not a bad buy.

3) Russell Simmons offloads his mansion in the Hamptons

Some of the stars in this article are looking to buy real estate, but others are looking to cash out. You can count Russell Simmons as being in the second camp, as he recently sold his mansion in the Hamptons for just under seven million dollars.

Acquired by an unnamed buyer, this estate has no shortage of places to relax in, with 4,800 square feet of space available. Russell sold it because his work had begun to require his full-time presence in Miami, leading him to make this warmer city his new home.

4) Cee Lo Green leases the Infinito Penthouse in Atlanta

The leasing of rental property may not be as sexy as buying or selling, but with more folks in the normal real estate market opting for the mobility that renting allows, many elite real estate agents have gotten into this business as well.

The Infinito penthouse has made one of the top real estate agents in Atlanta a decent sum of money in recent years, as it has attracted stars such as Li’l Wayne and Cee Lo Green.

With an unbeatable view of downtown Atlanta, a slick interior design that is befitting of an A-list pop star, and a state-of-the-art security system, we can’t say that we disagree with their choice of accommodation.

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