An outside view of an kitchen extension.

Recreate Your Space with Customized Metal Fabrication

When most people think of metal fabrication, they think of small tools and necessities manufactured in a factory such as paperclips, cutlery and car parts. Raw metal is shaped, cut and made into a specific shape. Metal fabrication can take a space in a building and create awe-inspiring designs to increase function, showcase interior design tastes or simply be something to talk about. Metal takes your business’ design to a new level.

Metal Fabrication

Designing your space using custom metal fabrication gives the building a very modern flair. A towering staircase made of metal makes a statement for anyone entering your business. Metal fabrication is used for decorative, exterior design, structural projects, ornamental pieces, commercial applications and industrial applications. Depending on the needs of the business, the metal may be used to create an enticing exterior design, bathroom sinks, shelves and platforms.

Metal Techniques

Fabricators work with metal using a variety of techniques depending on the purpose and the type of metal. Metal can be reduced using blanking, shearing, notching or punching. Other techniques include lathing, honing, grinding, broaching and milling. For metal that can’t only be cut, the metal is shaped using folding, casting, bending or stamping to create a specific look. Then the metal undergoes machining or welding. A quality fabricator understands the different techniques used and on which metal to achieve the look right for your building or space.

Metals Used

Raw metal often starts as welding wire, plate metal, hardware, castings, sectional metal, fittings and formed and expanded metal. Steel is commonly used because of its strength and versatility. The metal works great for structural projects such as building framework, towers, stairs, walkways and platforms. Copper, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, silver, gold and iron are popular metals used in the fabrication process. The raw materials can be used alone or combined with clay, epoxies and concrete to create a specific design. Decorative and ornamental metals such as gold, copper and silver stand out among the more common iron and steel. Make shelves, drawers and cabinets stand out with decorative metal hardware such as locks, handles and latches.

Designing your business can be a fun and exciting time. The possibilities are endless and metal fabrication is one more component to make your business’ design stand out among the competition. Not only does metal make a design statement, it increases the functionality of your business to withstand the daily operation. Find a quality fabricator that can make your vision a reality using precise, custom-fit design.


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