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Reputation Management Consultant Reviews – What Kind of People Use Rep Management Firms?

My business has been using a reputation management firm now for over 3 years with tremendous success. The whole process started because an ex-employee wrote some scathing stuff about us online and I wanted it rectified. This episode worried me about how fragile our online reputation could be so we stayed with the firm and ever since the company has gone from strength to strength. I was reading through some reputation management consultant reviews recently and I was surprised to learn just what kind of people use these services. If you have ever wondered what kind of people use a rep management firm, here is what I have found.




I should probably start off with the obvious, that many businesses across the world will use the services of a reputation management firm. The reasons behind this are that our online reputation is directly linked to the trust which people have in our businesses, as well as our brand and our sales. If a company has an unfairly negative reputation online, they will struggle to find growth, struggle find new sales and ultimately their bottom line will suffer.




It can be easy to take a shot at public figures like CEOs, so they too will invest in a reputation management firm that could protect their reputations. The internet is a truly unrelenting place which means that these negative comments are made about these people all too often. Much like businesses, if a CEO has a terrible reputation online, this could greatly damage the company which they are heading up, so they must ensure that what is written about them is true, or that it doesn’t exist at all.




The idea of public relations is nothing new, especially in the world of celebrities, the game however, has changed dramatically. These days it will take no time at all for an embarrassing photograph to start doing the rounds and potentially be seen by millions of pairs of eyes in a matter of seconds. This is why celebrities must be so careful with how they are perceived online. Many celebrities make money and carve out a living based on their reputations, so they are more than aware that a damaging article, photograph or video can quickly destroy their careers, something which we have witnessed in recent years. This is why these celebrities will invest in a reputation management company.


Job Candidates


Another group of people who will use a reputation management service are graduates who are looking at applying for  high profile job. The reason for this is because the stuff that they may have shared when they were teenagers or in college, is not something that they would like their potential boss to be finding. Reputation management companies in this case can work on cleaning up the image of their client.

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