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Rethinking Your Fashion Accessories for the Changing Seasons

The changing of the seasons, such as winter to spring, usually encourages many people (especially women) to shop for new fashion accessories. Many fashionistas will even buy fashion accessories based on runway trends, which means accumulating more and more costume jewelry, cheap trinkets, and discount accessories.

Tabitha Simmons relishes the Victoriana aspect of her British heritage, often drawing upon shapes and details of the era. This season, she combined those elements with an Art Nouveau-inspired print that referenced the furniture and home decor designs of

But there’s no immediate need to spend money on items that you will eventually throw in the trash. You can rethink, reinvent, and recycle your accessories to match the season.

Use Accents to Create Texture

Do you have a collection of scarves, belts and vests as well as bags and shoes already on hand? If so, then you don’t have to buy new ones since you can use these accessories to create more drama, more texture, or more colors without looking like a Christmas tree. You can layer lighter pieces in summer with a single attention-grabbing accent, such as a statement belt over a stylish summer dress, while also wearing the same summer dress accented with a statement cropped jacket for warmth in early autumn.

It’s all about using what you already have in your wardrobe, mixing and matching them, and creating new looks appropriate for the season. You will also notice that many of the runway trends are cyclical so keeping classic pieces, such as summer dresses, winter trench coats, and autumn jackets in tailored cuts, in your wardrobe is always an excellent idea.

Reuse Accessories

During the colder months of autumn and winter, thicker fabrics and darker colors can result in a heavier look. You can lighten up your look, so to speak, by using your summer accessories including organic jewelry (e.g., wooden bangles, large pearl earrings, and colored bead necklaces) to create a softer look. You may also consider creating contrasts in your look, such as colorful jewelry pieces (e.g., brooches) or statement pins (e.g., Ziggit pins) tacked to your clothes, shoes or bags.

You will be surprised at the number of ways that your fashion accessories can be used regardless of the season. The trick lies in creating contrasting and complementing textures and colors that always speak about your personal style, not about the trends on the red carpet and runway.

Reinvent Your Clothes

You should buy clothes that can be reinvented, in a manner of speaking, to suit the current season. You can, for example, dress down or dress up your classic khaki pants or your slim-fit black pants in various ways including:

  • Rolling up or down the hem.

  • Pairing the pants with the right clothes and shoes, such as tank tops and flip-flops in summer (roll down the hem) and then a shirt, blazer and warm scarf coupled with a feminine boot (roll up the hem) in autumn.

  • Adding the right personal accessories, such as a pair of stud diamond earrings for dressing up and dangling earrings for dressing down.

No one will likely even notice that you are wearing the same pair of khaki pants albeit in different ways!

Who says that you have to spend a lot of money to become a fashionista? You just have to be creative in reinventing your clothes and accessories and you’ll look fab all the time.

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