Save the Date Cards

Prior to sending formal invitations for weddings, some brides and grooms prefer to send “save the date cards”earlier just to let family and friends know about the exact wedding date. Save the date cards are normally utilized by couples with large families and friends to ensure that they get adequate time to prepare and make it to the D-day.


At Mixbook Photo Company, we are prepared to walk hand-in-hand with you as you come up with the entire card design and dispatch it to friends. Our save the date invitations templates are user-friendly and provide one with different card samples as well as a list of options to narrow down card sizes, foil option, format, orientation, styles, and colors.


Why send Save the Date cards?

Save the Date cards basically depends on the type of the wedding, the event’s date, and the invited guests’ location. These cards come in handy before a formal invitation due to the following reasons.

  1. A significant share of the invited guests reside out of town
  2. The intended wedding date is on a weekday
  3. The wedding will be held during a peak wedding season, and it will be a destination wedding
  4. The wedding day will be on a significant holiday like Valentine’s’ Day

Due to the above major reasons, it is essential to ensure all guests receive save the date cards prior to dispatching formal wedding invitations.


Mistakes to Avoid

However, when sending save the date cards, it is essential to ensure everything is in check. Considering the engagement has already occurred, and plans for the wedding are underway, it is vital to send out the cards in the right way. The following mistakes should never be made when dispatching save the date cards.


Dispatching them late

This point is crucial to those who have weddings on significant holidays, destination weddings, or a weekend-wedding affair. Sending the cards late is an inconvenience to you and the guests since they will miss your D-day or will be forced to forego other planned activities.


Dispatching cards to people you are not sure about

While it is good to have a large crowd, it is better to have a small crowd of true friends. Remember: it is better to have a small but assuring crowd of guests.


Dispatching electronic cards only

Yes, the world is rapidly absorbing technological advancements. However, this does not imply that everything becomes digital. Most people value paper invitations as compared to digital ones. Nevertheless, incorporating digital save the date cards is a good idea, but it becomes effective when it is only correspondence to mailed paper invitations.


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