Social Elements of Addiction Treatment and Website Design

Recovery from addiction is at first a very personal experience. Every client experiences physical withdrawal and copes with it in a different way. Once the initial physical component of recovery is over, however, addiction clients are left wondering what to do next. Inevitably, they form bonds with people who understand their very unique experience. Despite the prevalence of substance abuse issues in the United States, the truth is that addiction isn’t something most people go through. This very large sub-group of survivors have a unique story to tell and social media management for addiction treatment centers can help them share it in a way that’s both personal and social.

Stories to tell

Social networks are the story of the people who join them. It’s based on true events, includes unique text, photos, and videos, and goes a long way in helping people celebrate or mourn human experiences. Web designers have long known how powerful social networks can be in communicating human experience. Almost every addiction treatment website benefits from having a sub-component social network that bonds its members further together. Once the dust settles on the most traumatic parts of addiction, sharing experiences can truly help. That’s the heart of the 12-step recovery groups, too. It’s a social way to tell a personal story and let people know that they aren’t alone in their experience and they, too, can recover by following a certain pathway to recovery.

Addiction treatment center websites rely on web designers to help them build a social component into their existing websites. Many treatment centers prefer a less mainstream social network or maybe even one that’s built from the ground up. Thankfully sites like WordPress have excellent tools for building unique social networks that link people with sensitive issues like substance abuse together in a network of hope.

Sites likes Most Valuable Network connect designers and addiction treatment centers to resources that help them collaborate together ethically and effectively. Social network creation is a huge part of any website. It’s not just a neat little addition to the site. It’s a full-fledged network in itself and can be ranked as one of the single most effective ways to help addiction sufferers connect to one another and share experiences, strength, and hope with one another in an anonymous setting. It’s the kind of “marketing” that truly makes a difference in the lives of real people.

As social networks have grown up on the web, recovery grows up around them and through them. Many people join a network through their substance abuse treatment center and find the compassionate and more quiet form of text communication to be preferable to 12-step meeting groups. There are even 12-step networking groups or groups shared through treatment centers that allow clients to connect to each other and share their recovery stories. Treatment centers want a network that is strongly linked to hope and recovery, not a series of war stories about the substance abuse itself. These networks can be tightly controlled by moderators who work at the treatment center and can carefully monitor the way clients interact with each other to make sure it’s an environment conducive to recovery. 

Designers who have worked with addiction treatment centers often showcase their past work to help specific centers determine if they’re comfortable with the style of marketing and design offered. Every treatment center has a different take on addiction and will find certain design styles more desirable. Even the specifications for social networking vary widely based on what type of substance abuse recovery approach the center takes. No matter what the approach is, the social network is designed in the spirit of goodwill, human bonds, and inevitably, recovery and a healthy lifestyle. The conversations that occur within the network and the fun that can be had are all important components of a solid, sustained recovery that helps recovering addiction sufferers share in the new way of life that they’ve found.

Addiction robs its victims of so many things. One thing it can never rob them of, though, is the chance to tell their stories. A social network composed of recovering addiction clients forms a powerful opponent against the demon that addiction is, and good, solid website design and social network marketing goes a long way in helping to give addiction treatment centers a platform with a clear voice. The voice and the vision is always the same. Addiction is terrible. It robs people of life. But there is always hope.

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