Some Important Installation and Design Considerations for Freestanding Baths

If you would like your bathroom to exude a different kind of sophistication, you should seriously consider having a freestanding bath. Freestanding baths are the epitome of style and luxury for any modern bathroom, and they need not cost an arm and a leg, either. In fact, with the range in designs and sizes available today, freestanding baths offer more options that are easier on the budget.

But before purchasing and installing a freestanding bath, here are some important installation and design considerations to think about.

The bath’s placement and installation

One of the first decisions you should make when it comes to freestanding baths is the bath’s placement. Decide first where it will be placed in your bathroom and which area in the bathroom it can be accommodated. You have several options for this. The most attractive option is to place the freestanding bath in the middle or centre of the bathroom, but other options including placing the bath against a wall or in a corner.

Additionally, you have to check the bathroom’s plumbing and assess where the pipes are in order to see if the area can accommodate your new freestanding bath. The drainage is another factor to consider as well. You also have to think about the placement of the freestanding bath relative to would-be obstructions such as doorways and windows. Also, if the bath you choose is on the heavy side, you may want to consider additional support for the floor.

The bath’s style and design

Many freestanding baths come with some stellar features that add to their beauty and uniqueness. For instance, there are some freestanding bath models designed to fit flush to the floor (also called floor-set freestanding baths). These are available in several distinct profiles, including d-shaped, oval-shaped, slipper-shaped, and rectangular. A floor-set freestanding bath can also be available in different lengths, from four feet to almost seven feet.

You can also opt for a claw-foot bath, which is a classic design for freestanding baths. If you have a period bathroom or one with a country theme, a classic and elegant claw-foot design is a wonderful choice. You have additional options for this, including freestanding claw-foot baths with a rolled rim, two ends which are sloped, slipper-shaped claw-foot baths, and baths with ball feet instead of claw feet.

Slipper freestanding baths are ideal if you want a long and luxurious soak, as they are especially designed with one end higher than the other for easy reclining. Other slipper bath versions have two ends which are tall and curved as well.

Another popular option is a pedestal freestanding bath, or one which is set on a raised platform. You can have this type of bath whether you have a bathroom in an art deco design, an old world or traditional design, or a modern design.

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