Special Baby Formula: Comfort vs Anti-Reflux?

Infants often have the problem of profuse regurgitation after eating, indigestion, bloating, colic. As a result, a baby is restless and may not gain weight well. Digestive problems are quite common in babies in the first months of life. To improve a child’s well-being and the absorption of nutrients, special anti-reflux and comfort formula is used as a supplement to the main diet. It usually contains starch or locust bean gum. These components make the formula thicker and prevent regurgitation.

When to select the Comfort formula?

Such formulas not only help with digestive problems but also provide all the physiological needs of a child for healthy development and growth. Sensitive digestion is quite common during the first weeks and months of a child’s life. During this period the digestive system is just getting stronger and there is often bloating, a tendency to constipation, which are accompanied by crying and anxiety and it could cause irritation in the whole family. It is necessary to start using the Comfort formula for 1-2 feedings per day or 30 ml for each feeding along with regular milk formula. In case of insufficient effectiveness, the amount of formula should be gradually increased until a child’s well-being is normalized. In the future, the formula is used as long as a child needs it.

The proper time for the Anti-Reflux formula

The anti-reflux formula has such indications for usage:

  • frequent burping

  • the gag reflex

  • colic

  • increased flatulence

  • in case of persistent constipation and intestinal dysfunction

Naturally occurring gum is a poorly digestible dietary fiber that prevents the absorption of beneficial trace elements in case of an overdose. Therefore, it is not recommended to feed a baby with a formula based on this supplement for more than 3 months. In two to three months, such nutritional therapy provides the expected antireflux effect without causing any harm to the baby’s organism. Anti-Reflux Formula based on starch can be used for up to a year.

Remember that breast milk is an ideal food for your baby, especially during the first months of life. Therefore, before switching to formula or mixed feeding, try to do everything to maintain natural breastfeeding.

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